EIU-Paris MBA and DOCTORATE RESIDENCE Programme – Study on Site

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We are proud to launch our first-ever MBA and DOCTORATE RESIDENCE, and announce the availability of study on site classes for all MBA and Doctorate students enrolled at EIU. Exciting study abroad opportunity at King Park Avenue Hotel located in Bangkok, Thailand under expert faculty, and opportunity to network with fellow EIU MBA and Doctorate … Read more

Elevating Entrepreneurial Excellence with EIU’s MBA Program: The Rania Attrache Story

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Elevating Entrepreneurial Excellence with EIU’s MBA Program: The Rania Attrache Story In the vibrant intersection of artistry and entrepreneurship, the journey of Rania Attrache, a Lebanese artist and visionary senior graphic designer, takes center stage. As the managing director of Zaabeel Studio in Dubai since 2011, Rania seamlessly weaves her passion for art with her … Read more

Unlocking the Potential of the Construction Industry through utmost professionalism:

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Dr. Eugene Seah is a celebrated entrepreneur, business leader, and philanthropist from Singapore. He is COO of Meinhardt Singapore, which is one of the most respected Asian-based engineering companies in the world. Eugene is a pioneer in the field of construction industry and civil engineering industry and has been involved in numerous initiatives to promote … Read more

“Pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration: Challenges and Benefits”

In today’s insightful blog, as we discuss the success of yet another one of our honorable students, we will delve into the doctor of business administration (DBA) degree offered at EIU-Paris and what it entails along with its endless benefits that guarantee you to be one step above the already competitive business world. Before this, … Read more



—-Dr Rajeev Thakur, Managing Director, Grassik Executive Search Pvt. Ltd Rajeev’s journey from a Marine Engineer to running a highly successful Executive Search firm has been unique, path-breaking & highly transformative. His successful career transition encompassed diverse learning spanning Merchant Navy to Hotels to Manufacturing to Mushroom Farming to running one of the country’s most … Read more

“Exploring the Benefits of Business Informatics and Artificial Intelligence”


Technology. This word, whether or not we accept it, surrounds us and is playing a vital part in our lives today. As we progress technologically, the real-world is becoming more efficient and well-informed. It has prompted concepts like globalization and change which have provided us humans with multiple opportunities to grow- some examples of which … Read more

“University’s Expansion Signals Bright Future for Students and Faculty”


As one of the most respected universities, European International University, Paris (EIU) has experienced significant growth over the past few years. From increased enrollment, to improved research capabilities, to a more diverse student body, EIU-Paris has become a leader in niche higher education. Having a steady rise in enrollment since the early 2020 s with … Read more

How to Transform the Finance Department for Maximising Business Profitability


As a professional, I know that the finance plays a critical role in maximising business profitability. However, many organisations need help to transform their finance function to meet the changing needs of the business. In this article, I’ll share some strategies for transforming the finance function to maximise business profitability. Adopt new technologies New technologies, … Read more

Unlocking Your Career Potential with a DBA Terminal Degree


In today’s special article, we are going to delve into the journey of one of the valuable students who received his doctor of business administration (DBA) here at EIU-Paris. His outstanding achievements speak for his sheer talent and success and we are proud to have helped him in this process with our very prestigious doctorate … Read more

The best way to make a difference is to be the difference


When people go to college, they have an aspiration to become well versed in certain professional areas. And although a degree can last between one to two years in most universities, a very important object of study is almost always left aside which is Management. Upon graduation, many professionals aspire not only to be seen … Read more