The best way to make a difference is to be the difference


When people go to college, they have an aspiration to become well versed in certain professional areas. And although a degree can last between one to two years in most universities, a very important object of study is almost always left aside which is Management. Upon graduation, many professionals aspire not only to be seen … Read more

Use of Centralized Global Marketing

The use of global centralized marketing and its importance: To understand this topic, we’ve to first understand what this term means. Global marketing as the term suggests would signify pricing, promoting and placing your product on the global scale to cater to foreign markets as well. Centralization is where all the instructions and decisions are … Read more

Our Blog About Academic Success And What It Takes To Be A Scholar In The Field


Most of us know that to be a successful scholar we need to be continually improving our knowledge and skills. This article will elaborate on the different ways in which one can do this, as well as providing tips for people who are just starting off their career as scholars. Economics is a broad subject … Read more

The Best Job in the World: A Teacher’s Perspective

How does one become a teacher? It’s certainly not the easiest of jobs, nor the most lucrative, but it’s arguably the most rewarding. Teaching can take years to master, but once you do, you’ll find that there’s nothing quite like the feeling that comes with knowing you helped someone grow in some way. This article … Read more

“Doing what we must. Living how we can.”


Dr. Vincent Chua commenced his career in the Singapore public service, being professionally trained as both a Naval Officer and a Naval Aviator with Republic of Singapore Navy. Upon completion of his scholarship obligations, Vincent took the opportunity to pursue his interest in technology and business in the oil & gas and energy sector. Combining … Read more

Good banking is produced not by good laws, but by good bankers!


Meet Dr. Graham Bright JP Heading the – Compliance and Operations at Euro Exim Bank Ltd, an innovative financial institution specialising in Trade Finance, facilitating global trade for corporates and SMEs worldwide. Spanning more than 40 years in the finance industry, his experience encompasses working collaboratively with industry utilities, regulators and Central Banks, consulting, and … Read more

Coping with Adversity – In Businesses

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Einstein  said, “Adversity introduces a man to himself.” I believe Einstein himself learned to know more about his own weaknesses, strengths, and skills through life’s difficulties.  Imagine if favorable things happen to us on a daily basis, we might not even appreciate life so much since things work in our favor anyhow. Don’t get me … Read more

EIU Creates Center Devoted to Research and Innovation

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Research and Publications Department -European International University, Paris Research, Education and Publications are an integral part of any University system. European International University -Paris is excited to announce the opening of its RESEARCH AND PUBLICATIONS DEPARTMENT, dedicated to promoting the leading-edge research work contributing to the innovation, growth and development of knowledge across various academic … Read more

Advanced Research & Development and Innovation partnerships

EIU’s Research & Development and Innovation partnerships European International University, Paris is immensely pleased and proud to announce its collaboration with (LIPS) Research foundation, India under the leadership and able guidance of Dr. J.V. Muruga Lal Jeyan; Advisor International Research. LIPS Research foundation, India is a prominent centre for advanced research and development including Aerospace and … Read more