From Shed to Stardom: Dr. Surpiya’s EdTech Odyssey


The dusty streets of Bavdhan which is a suburb city located along the Western Metropolitan Corridor of Pune, Maharashtra, India weren’t exactly the breeding ground for tech unicorns. Yet, in a cramped, rented shed amidst the din of auto rickshaws, Dr. Surpiya Sumedh Ramteke, a young woman then with audacious dreams, was nurturing a revolution. … Read more

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and continue till the end”

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By pursuing higher education, individuals can increase their knowledge and abilities for a bright career leading to continuous intellectual growth. They also have a deeper understanding of the world and how to change it positively. There is no doubt that higher education is quite necessary for a more prosperous and effective society. What’s more, it … Read more

International Journal of Engineering & Technology

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We are delighted to announce Jyothi N T of Advanced R&D, LIPS Research, European International University, Paris, France has got yet another international level research paper published in a global leading Publication for Advanced Engineering & Technology IEEE Explore which is an endorsed scholarly journal of the highest caliber. Along with her team the other … Read more

The Journey of a Doctorate Career: Overcoming Challenges and Experiencing Success

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In today’s article we’re going to give insight on one of our prestigious students and their doctorate career here at EIU-Paris, Dr O Henry and his journey with us in acquiring a professional doctorate (PD) in healthcare management. Before we dive into how the PD helped him professionally let’s discuss his achievements as an educator … Read more

Professional Doctorate VS Traditional PhD : Scope in Professional Career & Practice

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Use Case & Scope of Professional Doctorate from EIU-Paris It’s disheartening to witness how students with various learning disabilities specially Dyslexia fall through the cracks, not due to lack of potential but a widespread lack of awareness. Misinterpretation of dyslexia leaves many parents, teachers, and schools in the dark. Unfortunately, not all educators are equipped … Read more

Elevating Academic Eminence: Dr. Mahadeva and EIU Paris’ Commitment to Excellence in Education and Research

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In the realm of education, the pursuit of excellence is at the forefront of every accomplished scholar and institution. One such luminary is Dr. Mahadeva, a high-profile professor, and an exceptional academician who recently achieved the distinguished accolade of D.Litt from EIU Paris. This prestigious recognition, equivalent to the highest award in education, Doctor of … Read more

Unlocking Your Career Potential with a DBA Terminal Degree


In today’s special article, we are going to delve into the journey of one of the valuable students who received his doctor of business administration (DBA) here at EIU-Paris. His outstanding achievements speak for his sheer talent and success and we are proud to have helped him in this process with our very prestigious doctorate … Read more

Our Blog About Academic Success And What It Takes To Be A Scholar In The Field


Most of us know that to be a successful scholar we need to be continually improving our knowledge and skills. This article will elaborate on the different ways in which one can do this, as well as providing tips for people who are just starting off their career as scholars. Economics is a broad subject … Read more

“Doing what we must. Living how we can.”


Dr. Vincent Chua commenced his career in the Singapore public service, being professionally trained as both a Naval Officer and a Naval Aviator with Republic of Singapore Navy. Upon completion of his scholarship obligations, Vincent took the opportunity to pursue his interest in technology and business in the oil & gas and energy sector. Combining … Read more