5 QS Stars Rating a testament of Hard Work

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We are thrilled to announce a stellar achievement for the EIU-Paris team!Our recent audit garnered an impressive 5 QS Stars rating, a testament to the hard work and dedication of every team member. This success is not just a professional triumph but a celebration of our EIU Paris family’s collective efforts.Heartfelt congratulations to all for … Read more

Balancing Act: How a CFO Executive Successfully Pursued an MBA and PhD


Submitted by Alessandro Odoardi New economic perspectives and financial expertise The global economy is in a process of dramatic change. With widespread access to the Internet, information seems to be available to everyone at all times. Matters that only concerned a few have been democratized in different matters of human knowledge and financial matters. Before, … Read more

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and continue till the end”

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By pursuing higher education, individuals can increase their knowledge and abilities for a bright career leading to continuous intellectual growth. They also have a deeper understanding of the world and how to change it positively. There is no doubt that higher education is quite necessary for a more prosperous and effective society. What’s more, it … Read more

A Beacon of Academic & Professional Excellence – Prof Sattar Bawany PhD EIU-Paris

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For successfully navigating the complex and ever-evolving landscape of organizational challenges, effective leadership has become more imperative than ever. Today’s leaders must possess a diverse range of competencies, skills and leadership traits to inspire and guide teams and business as a whole towards achieving strategic objectives in today’s dynamic environment; from fostering innovation and adaptability … Read more

Student Finance – Now you can get Finance for your Higher Learning at EIU-Paris

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Student finance is available to eligible students to help them meet the costs of higher education. It can be in the form of grants, loans, scholarships, or bursaries. There are a variety of student finance services available, including: The type of student finance services available will vary depending on your country of residence. For now … Read more

Accreditation Certificate Award Ceremony

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ASIC is an independent UK government-approved quality assurance body. With 400+ providers in over 65 countries, ASIC is now one of the world’s largest international accreditation agencies. European International University is proud to be accredited and associated with ASIC-UK ( ASIC ) In the pics below – Ky. Col. Prof Edward Roy Krishnan Director General … Read more

To be a leader, it’s better to think like a leader: Dr Tan Yong Ee’ Strategies for Effective Leadership

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Submitted by Alessandro Odoardi Crafting an effective leadership that is personal and professional Despite the huge amounts of money spent on leadership development, few organizations appear to be satisfied with their talent management. Many companies still struggle to effectively develop leaders within the organization. And this makes all the sense in the world: how can … Read more

International Development in Banking for a better world

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Submitted by Alessandro Odoardi Dr. Kaiser Naseem is an International Development Banker who has assisted in the economic development of several emerging economies around the world. He is also known as a global thought leader on several issues facing the global economy.  Dr. Naseem started his career as an engineer in Pakistan’s largest industrial complex- … Read more

A case of excellence in Operations & Strategic Management

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No missed opportunities when Education is on our side – A case of excellence in operations management Due to globalization and the acceleration of technology, we live in an environment of high volatility, uncertainty and complexity. In light of these changes, companies must be able to adapt their strategies, products, services and processes to remain … Read more

The Evolution and Future of DAOs: Embracing AI and New Technologies

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Study conducted by JIANZHENG SHI- EIU-Paris 2023 IntroductionDecentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) have emerged as a revolutionary concept in the world of blockchain and decentralized finance. By eliminating the need for traditional hierarchical structures, DAOs promise a future where organizations are run by code and collective decision-making. As we venture further into this decentralized future, the … Read more