The Journey of a Doctorate Career: Overcoming Challenges and Experiencing Success

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In today’s article we’re going to give insight on one of our prestigious students and their doctorate career here at EIU-Paris, Dr O Henry and his journey with us in acquiring a professional doctorate (PD) in healthcare management. Before we dive into how the PD helped him professionally let’s discuss his achievements as an educator … Read more

Collaboration with Nilgiri College of Arts & Science

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At EIU-Paris, we derive immense satisfaction from collaborating with world-class institutions that share our unwavering commitment to quality assurance and the provision of exceptional learning experiences to students. Among these esteemed partners stands Nilgiri College in India , a beacon of excellence in education. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Rashid Gazzali , Managing … Read more

Professional Doctorate VS Traditional PhD : Scope in Professional Career & Practice

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Use Case & Scope of Professional Doctorate from EIU-Paris It’s disheartening to witness how students with various learning disabilities specially Dyslexia fall through the cracks, not due to lack of potential but a widespread lack of awareness. Misinterpretation of dyslexia leaves many parents, teachers, and schools in the dark. Unfortunately, not all educators are equipped … Read more

ChatGPT and its Impact on Business Operations: An Examination of How Chat GPT is Transforming Business Processes and Operations


Study conducted by Dr Lim Khee Guan DBA- EIU-Paris 2023 In the 21st century, there has been a remarkable transformation in the business realm due to significant advancements in contemporary technological innovation and artificial intelligence on an international level. Among the most significant AI developments is the emergence of intelligent chatbots, with OpenAI’s ChatGPT being … Read more

Female leadership is changing the world: The entrepreneurship of Yathrib Ali Mohammed

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Entrepreneurs face enormous challenges in this generation. Although employment-providing businesses are the best solution to modern economies, starting one is still uphill for most people. The first thing is that in several countries the culture of entrepreneurship does not exist and this makes assuming the risk even greater. There is also the need to find … Read more

EIU-Paris MBA and DOCTORATE RESIDENCE Programme – Study on Site

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We are proud to launch our first-ever MBA and DOCTORATE RESIDENCE, and announce the availability of study on site classes for all MBA and Doctorate students enrolled at EIU. Exciting study abroad opportunity at King Park Avenue Hotel located in Bangkok, Thailand under expert faculty, and opportunity to network with fellow EIU MBA and Doctorate … Read more

When science meets finance: The incredible case of Mansur A. Kaura’s studies at EIU-Paris 

Business Development Manager

Highly prestigious traditional institutions tend to have memorable facilities and highly inclusive activities for their students. But because of the need to move close to their campus and abandon their careers, many potential talents choose not to further their college careers. The European International University-Paris, as a prestigious benchmark in distance education, offers the possibility … Read more

Elevating Entrepreneurial Excellence with EIU’s MBA Program: The Rania Attrache Story

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Elevating Entrepreneurial Excellence with EIU’s MBA Program: The Rania Attrache Story In the vibrant intersection of artistry and entrepreneurship, the journey of Rania Attrache, a Lebanese artist and visionary senior graphic designer, takes center stage. As the managing director of Zaabeel Studio in Dubai since 2011, Rania seamlessly weaves her passion for art with her … Read more

Elevating Academic Eminence: Dr. Mahadeva and EIU Paris’ Commitment to Excellence in Education and Research

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In the realm of education, the pursuit of excellence is at the forefront of every accomplished scholar and institution. One such luminary is Dr. Mahadeva, a high-profile professor, and an exceptional academician who recently achieved the distinguished accolade of D.Litt from EIU Paris. This prestigious recognition, equivalent to the highest award in education, Doctor of … Read more