How a Doctorate is Transforming this HR Leader’s Approach

mahalaxmi bedi

Dr. Mahalaxmi Bedi is a seasoned HR Leader with a diverse and extensive background in thefield, spanning 15 years of professional experience. Currently, she holds the position of Associate Director -HR at Whitespace Architects, a leading architectural and engineering firm. With a decade of her career dedicated to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), she has … Read more

Harmony in Leadership: Fostering Creativity, and Transforming Education


In the pursuit of fostering a harmonious leadership environment, it’s important to navigate diversity, nurture creativity, and transform education holistically. This involves exploring the profound impact of creativity and collaborative leadership in writers’ groups on enhancing diversity, narratives, and the authorial experience. Expanding on how being an author and poet extends beyond a therapeutic endeavor, … Read more


digital english

In the vibrant mosaic of Malaysia, where the rich heritage of Bahasa Malaysia weaves through the global tapestry of English, an intricate story of linguistic evolution unfolds. This narrative, propelled by the digital age, is marked by both challenges and opportunities in the realm of language learning. As an educator on the front lines, I’ve … Read more

MBA Makes a Difference: Dr. Alnajjar’s Transformational Pharmacy Leadership

mba in healthcare management

The relevance of the pharmaceutical industry and profession People are not immortal and much less infallible. Although we know that every human life comes to an end, the quality of life continues to be a determining factor in marking the progress of nations. With the development of society, innovations and discoveries also came that have … Read more

Making a difference in a special way: How Kumaran Arumugam is transforming lives with sports

special education

Perspectives on special education The idea that education is a fundamental right is recent. Few privileged people had access to it, and even fewer were those with special needs who received the attention to reach their full potential. But there were great individuals of good will who did their part to turn this inequality around, … Read more

Not just a manager but a True Leader: Ms Diya Ikhmaes’ MBA Journey at EIU-Paris

mba paris

The participation of Jordanian women in education There are things that we take for granted in various parts of the world. It all depends on the cultural, economic and political context of each nation. One of these aspects is the training and participation of women in the universities and workplace. Although the fight for equality … Read more

From Overcoming Adversity to Empowering Others: The Inspiring Story of Kanubhai Hasmukhbhai Tailor

Kanubhai Hasmukhbhai Tailor

Kanubhai Hasmukhbhai Tailor’s life is a testament to the extraordinary resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of dedication. Born with a physical disability in a small village in Gujarat, India, Kanubhai defied limitations to not only carve his own path but also illuminate the way for countless others facing similar challenges. His … Read more

A Feather in Our Collective Cap: Applauding Mohamed Rehab’s Groundbreaking Economic Paper

currency fluctuations eiu paris

It is with immense pride and genuine excitement that we celebrate the scholarly achievement of one of our own, Mohamed Mahmoud Amin Rehab, whose recent economic paper, “[Economic Symphony: Orchestrating Stability Through Innovative Exchange Rate Strategies],” has sent ripples through the world of economics. This isn’t just a personal triumph for Mr. Rehab, it’s a … Read more