Communicating with Clarity and Impact

The ability to communicate effectively with both clarity and impact is one of the most powerful skills required for individual career development and success in the business world. The capacity to transmit clear and succinct messages that are easily decoded and understood is a highly desirable quality that can enable people to achieve their goals [...]

2nd International Education Conference on Future of Education 2019 welcomes European International University (EIU) – Paris as Academic Partner

We would like to inform that European International University (EIU) Paris, France is an Academic Partner for 2nd International Conference on Future of Education 2019 which will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from 13th -14th June 2019. First 30 participants of the conference to enroll into EIU academic programmes will receive up to 70% discount […]

EIU’s further expansion in South East Asia

EIU’s further expansion in South East Asia To fulfil the increasing demand for International Education in South East Asia, European International University (EIU) made a further step and achieved another partnership in the region. On March 21st 2019, the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signing ceremony between EIU and University of Burma took place at EIU’s […]

Brain Based Teaching Methods

Innovation in technology and a shift in the skills and abilities now required for the technological age have greatly impacted on traditional teaching models and methods in education and training. As globalization continues, those entering the work-force now require a far more diverse range of attributes and behaviours than ever before. This major shift has [...]


December 6 - 14, 2018 - Conducted by the PT.Ivory International T/A LANDI INSTITUTE, Timor GAP attended the training in Bali, Indonesia. The training discussed on the procurement of works in both goods and service industries. The European International University continues to expand their nationally recognised and internationally accredited programmes around the world.

Human Resource Management

The role of human resource management has developed rapidly over the past few decades and is now considered one of the most critical functions of any business. From the early days of the payroll department, the human resources department has now grown into a major component of organisational success that enables companies to create effective [...]