European International University (EIU, Paris) is proud to announce its membership with the European Council for Business Education (ECBE)

European International University (EIU, Paris) is proud to announce its membership with the European Council for Business Education (ECBE). ECBE is a prestigious international accreditation agency with its headquarter in Belgium. ECBE recognizes EIU's endeavor in providing high-quality education in vocation-focused and job skills specific programmes and qualifications. With the support of ECBE, EIU will continue to improve [...]

Successful Telephone Debt Collection

Overdue payments can cause multiple problems for businesses. Whether it’s your customers, creditors or partners with outstanding balances, the impact of late or even non-payment should not be under-estimated. Cash flow forecasts can be seriously affected, profits may fall and it can cause irreparable damage to our business relationships and collaborations. So it is highly [...]

Operations Management

Regardless of which sector of the economy the business operates in or whether it is for profit or not, operations management is considered one of the most important functions of all organisations today. In essence, the role of operations is to transform inputs (resources) into outputs (goods and services) whilst adding value at each stage [...]

Brain Based Teaching Methods

Innovation in technology and a shift in the skills and abilities now required for the technological age have greatly impacted on traditional teaching models and methods in education and training. As globalization continues, those entering the work-force now require a far more diverse range of attributes and behaviours than ever before. This major shift has [...]


December 6 - 14, 2018 - Conducted by the PT.Ivory International T/A LANDI INSTITUTE, Timor GAP attended the training in Bali, Indonesia. The training discussed on the procurement of works in both goods and service industries. The European International University continues to expand their nationally recognised and internationally accredited programmes around the world.

Human Resource Management

The role of human resource management has developed rapidly over the past few decades and is now considered one of the most critical functions of any business. From the early days of the payroll department, the human resources department has now grown into a major component of organisational success that enables companies to create effective [...]

Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making

All employees, regardless of their position or standing within the organisation, face work-related problems on a daily basis and almost every job nowadays involves some level of individual problem solving and decision making. All too often the tendency is to pass these issues up to supervisory or managerial level rather than take individual ownership and [...]

Master of Arts in Education: EDUC510 – Educational Philosophies (Discussion Session 1)

  The broad aim of the Master of Arts in Education (M.A.Ed.) programme is to prepare a more able, efficient, internationally oriented, skilled teaching force.Educational Philosophies introduce students to the broad philosophical ideas of education in classical times and to review the reception of these ideas for today’s classroom, such as idealism, realism, neo-scholasticism, perennialism, [...]