MBA Makes a Difference: Dr. Alnajjar’s Transformational Pharmacy Leadership

mba in healthcare management

The relevance of the pharmaceutical industry and profession People are not immortal and much less infallible. Although we know that every human life comes to an end, the quality of life continues to be a determining factor in marking the progress of nations. With the development of society, innovations and discoveries also came that have … Read more

Not just a manager but a True Leader: Ms Diya Ikhmaes’ MBA Journey at EIU-Paris

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The participation of Jordanian women in education There are things that we take for granted in various parts of the world. It all depends on the cultural, economic and political context of each nation. One of these aspects is the training and participation of women in the universities and workplace. Although the fight for equality … Read more

From Shed to Stardom: Dr. Surpiya’s EdTech Odyssey


The dusty streets of Bavdhan which is a suburb city located along the Western Metropolitan Corridor of Pune, Maharashtra, India weren’t exactly the breeding ground for tech unicorns. Yet, in a cramped, rented shed amidst the din of auto rickshaws, Dr. Surpiya Sumedh Ramteke, a young woman then with audacious dreams, was nurturing a revolution. … Read more

Transformative Leadership: Dr. AbdelSalam’s educational Journey with EIU Paris

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In the dynamic world of global business, few stories encapsulate the transformative power of education and leadership as vividly as that of Dr. AlSayed Mohamed AbdelSalam. EIU Paris, a stalwart in academic excellence, has been the guiding force behind his exceptional journey, marked by milestones and a commitment to shaping the future of medical leadership. … Read more

Balancing Act: How a CFO Executive Successfully Pursued an MBA and PhD


Submitted by Alessandro Odoardi New economic perspectives and financial expertise The global economy is in a process of dramatic change. With widespread access to the Internet, information seems to be available to everyone at all times. Matters that only concerned a few have been democratized in different matters of human knowledge and financial matters. Before, … Read more

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and continue till the end”

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By pursuing higher education, individuals can increase their knowledge and abilities for a bright career leading to continuous intellectual growth. They also have a deeper understanding of the world and how to change it positively. There is no doubt that higher education is quite necessary for a more prosperous and effective society. What’s more, it … Read more

International Development in Banking for a better world

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Submitted by Alessandro Odoardi Dr. Kaiser Naseem is an International Development Banker who has assisted in the economic development of several emerging economies around the world. He is also known as a global thought leader on several issues facing the global economy.  Dr. Naseem started his career as an engineer in Pakistan’s largest industrial complex- … Read more

Celebrating Dr. Eugene Seah’s Remarkable Achievements and EIU’s Global Partnerships!

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Celebrating Dr. Eugene Seah’s Remarkable Achievements and EIU’s Global Partnerships! 🌍 On the illustrious morning of September 30th, 2023, we gathered at the Grand Millennium Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to honor the incredible achievements of Dr. Eugene Seah, a distinguished EIU alumnus. Dr. Seah, who had previously earned EIU’s prestigious Professional Doctorate award, continues … Read more

Female leadership is changing the world: The entrepreneurship of Yathrib Ali Mohammed

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Entrepreneurs face enormous challenges in this generation. Although employment-providing businesses are the best solution to modern economies, starting one is still uphill for most people. The first thing is that in several countries the culture of entrepreneurship does not exist and this makes assuming the risk even greater. There is also the need to find … Read more

EIU-Paris MBA and DOCTORATE RESIDENCE Programme – Study on Site

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We are proud to launch our first-ever MBA and DOCTORATE RESIDENCE, and announce the availability of study on site classes for all MBA and Doctorate students enrolled at EIU. Exciting study abroad opportunity at King Park Avenue Hotel located in Bangkok, Thailand under expert faculty, and opportunity to network with fellow EIU MBA and Doctorate … Read more