MBA Makes a Difference: Dr. Alnajjar’s Transformational Pharmacy Leadership

The relevance of the pharmaceutical industry and profession

People are not immortal and much less infallible. Although we know that every human life comes to an end, the quality of life continues to be a determining factor in marking the progress of nations. With the development of society, innovations and discoveries also came that have allowed us to have better health and enjoy life.

With this in consideration, it can be said that the pharmaceutical industry plays a very important role for our society. It helps developing and manufacturing medications that treat diseases, alleviate symptoms, and improve the quality of life for millions of people around the world. In addition to generating well-being, it also provides jobs and valuable research for science. For all of the above, it is essential to have leaders in this area who are trained for today’s challenges, which include pandemics, high healthcare costs, and regulations regarding intellectual property and legality.

The rise of a leader in pharmacy: Dr. Hidaia Y. R. Alnajjar

Dr. Hidaia Y. R. Alnajjar graduated as a Bachelor of Pharmacy with Merit of Excellence and Honors from Ajman University in 2008, one of the best educational institutions in the United Arab Emirates. Since then, she has accumulated an impeccable 16 years of experience serving countless patients. She worked as a nutritionist at Dr. Nutrition (2008-2010), pharmacist at Makkah Group Of Pharmacies (2011), pharmacist-in-charge at Ana’s Pharmacy LTD (2012-2014) and has held the same position at Bait Al Maqdes Group Of Pharmacies since 2014 to present. Moreover, she’s a Certified Life Coach from Transformation Academy (Florida, USA).

Origins are not an impediment but a reason to fight

Hidaia was born in Palestine, and despite the hardship along the way she continued to her mission in learning and be successful in her career. On her own words, “moving to another country and pursuing there a professional career are great challenges, but the important thing is to never give up. If anything should inspire us, it is the conviction to serve and help others.”

A different form of service: Helping the cause of autism

Interesting people like Dr. Hidaia do not have just one way to serve, but rather find different paths to contribute to society. Since August 2021, she has been a Lecturer at Autism Club House. The primary goals of this global community are to enhance the lives of individuals with autism and to further their rights. Decision-makers are invited by the Autism Club House to promote improved policy responses to the needs of individuals with autism. With her participation, Hidaia wanted to increase societal knowledge and understanding of autism. Additionally, since May 2023, she has also been a columnist for the largest exhibition for People with Disabilities in the MENASA region, Access Abilities Expo.

The growth of a leader can be exponential: From Pharmacy to an MBA

With the purpose of improving her capacity as a leader in the pharmaceutical field, Dr. Hidaia Y. R. Alnajjar decided to pursue a Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management at the European International University, Paris to complement her technical skills with a comprehensive understanding of the operational and strategic aspects of healthcare organizations. Students seeking this MBA specialization at our institution are driven by a desire to lead and manage healthcare teams effectively, optimize patient care, and contribute to the advancement of the healthcare industry. Regarding her experience with the EIU-Paris, Hidaia stated the following:

 An MBA Trailblazer in Pharmacy Management

“With a Bachelor of Pharmacy in addition to an MBA in Healthcare Management, and over 16 years’ experience in the UAE market in the pharmaceutical industry, I bring a unique blend of clinical expertise and business acumen that sets me apart from others. My education at EIU-Paris has equipped me with the skills to effectively manage pharmaceutical operations, optimize inventory management, implement cost-effective strategies, and ensure optimal patient care and safety.”

MBA Makes a Difference: Dr. Alnajjar’s Transformational Pharmacy Leadership

Just like any other business it is equally of most importance for any healthcare business such as private hospitals, clinics, institutes, medical surgeries to run, brand, market, grow and expand ethically and for that its only the management side of the business which can make the difference. Universities are seeing surge of professionals from medical stream very keen to pursue a management degree such as an MBA said Dr J Anand of EIU-Paris.

Its not just around Prescriptions but its way beyond it! thus fueling the need for an MBA in Dr. Alnajjar.

Tina Yang Senior Academician EIU-Paris

Our MBA program provides healthcare professionals with a solid foundation in business principles, including finance, marketing, operations, and management. Additionally, our students develop their leadership skills, strategic thinking, networking opportunities, and have an interdisciplinary perspective.

An MBA can be incredibly valuable for healthcare companies for several reasons:

Bridging the Knowledge Gap: Healthcare professionals excel in medicine, but often lack deep understanding of business principles like finance, marketing, and operations. An MBA equips them with these skills, enabling them to make informed decisions, manage resources effectively, and navigate the complex financial landscape.

Leadership Development: Future healthcare leaders need a holistic understanding of the industry. An MBA program focuses on strategic thinking, communication, and team building, empowering individuals to lead effectively, adapt to change, and drive innovation within their organizations.

Innovation and Efficiency: Healthcare faces constant pressure to improve quality while reducing costs. An MBA perspective helps analyze patient data, implement cost-saving measures, and leverage technology for better disease management, ultimately leading to more efficient and innovative healthcare delivery.

Data-Driven Decision Making: The healthcare industry is awash with data. An MBA equips professionals with the analytical skills to interpret this data, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions that improve patient care, optimize resource allocation, and inform strategic planning.

Career Advancement: In today’s competitive healthcare market, an MBA can be a significant differentiator. It broadens career options, granting access to leadership roles in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, health insurance firms, and more.

An MBA can bridge the gap between clinical expertise and business acumen, propelling healthcare companies towards sustainable success and improved patient outcomes

Dr J Anand of EIU-Paris

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