Beyond Beauty: Unveiling the Science of a PhD in Cosmetics

The relevance of research for higher education

Research is one of the pillars of higher education. Although universities have existed for centuries, as is the case with Bologna and Oxford, the focus on the systematic creation and discovery of fresh knowledge dates back to the 19th century. The relevance of this makes sense when we think about the world that emerged from the Industrial Revolution, increasingly eager for innovation in all scientific, social and humanistic fields.

Today, modern researchers are expected to have a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), an academic degree that qualifies them for scientific and research contribution. Whether we go back to the first doctoral degree, which originated in medieval Europe around 1150 by institutions like the University of Paris, or the first PhD from the University of Berlin in 1802, these have traditionally required a very active presence on academic campuses.

The relevance of distance education for innovative research

A face-to-face doctoral experience is very good for those who have the personal and economic conditions to move to a study centre and dispense any other responsibilities when doing their doctoral studies, but where are the modern professionals left? What about those who aspire to contribute to society from their unique context? And those who want to find practical solutions to important issues without giving up their jobs?

European International University, Paris provides the opportunity to study a PhD completely online to great minds in all parts of the world without leaving aside important personal and professional commitments. By combining the academic rigor of our faculty with the flexibility of online education, we know that enormous opportunities will open up for brilliant people who have development plans for entrepreneurship, public policies, and applied knowledge in general.

PhD at EIU-Paris

Dr. Sakina Punjabโ€™s story of success in research at EIU-Paris

Despite the challenges of navigating academia while raising a young family, including a newborn, Dr Sakina Punjab was able to earn a PhD in Cosmetic Science under mentorship of LIPS Research through EIU-Paris. Her personal goal was not only to pursue an academic career, but also to maintain balance for her family and become an entrepreneur in the world of cosmetics. This was possible thanks to the opportunity to carry out her studies remotely and in total convenience with her professional interests, as well as supervised by a qualified staff.

The PhD Behind Your Makeup: Unveiling the Cutting Edge of Cosmetics Science

Inspired by her experiences, Dr. Punjab founded an innovative institution dedicated to providing accessible distance education in beauty and cosmetic science, empowering women to pursue their academic and professional aspirations without neglecting their commitments. Through her pioneering work, Dr. Punjab is revolutionizing the field and inspiring a new generation of female leaders.

โ€œThe support of the mentors at the university has accompanied me from obtaining my PhD to establishing my life project. As mentors and collaborators on this path, I am blessed to have shared these professional and academic successes with them.โ€

Dr Sakina Punjab

As with Dr. Sakina Punjab, we are open to contributing to the talent and diversity of research that can come from all nations. For this reason, EIU-Paris is also ranked as the 11th best business schools in Europe by CEOWORLD Magazine.

EIU-Paris offers PhD programs with a focus on research (Doctorate-through-Research) or practical applications (Professional Doctorate) and can be completed remotely. However, it’s important to note that acceptance for PhD at EIU-Paris is highly competitive with only 10 students selected per year. It is advisable to apply in advance for complete review & selection.

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