Back to the Halls of Academia: A Former Student Now joins as a faculty

We are thrilled to share an inspiring letter penned by Dr. Celestine Tan one of our alumni who has now gained an esteemed position as a faculty in the Special Education Department at the European International University-Paris. Celestine’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of education and highlights the profound impact of specialized training in Special Needs and Inclusive Education.

In her letter, Celestine reflects on her experiences since completing her Doctor of Education in TESOL for Learners with Special Education Needs at EIU. Through continuous research and hands-on teaching, she has deepened her understanding and honed her skills in supporting children with diverse learning needs, including Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Epilepsy, Autism, and ADHD. Celestine’s commitment to her students as “precious clients” underscores her dedication to inclusive education and her unwavering belief in the potential of every learner.

We invite you to delve into Celestine’s letter and join us in celebrating her achievements and ongoing contributions to the field of Special Needs and Inclusive Education.

Hi Dr Julie

How are you doing? I hope all goes well with you in your current endeavors.

Below was my blog on EIU’s website in 2022.  Since then, I have gained great insights into Special Needs and Inclusive Education through my continuous research and hands-on teaching experience.

Having obtained the EIU’s Doctor of Education in TESOL for Learners with Special Education Needs, my SEN teaching career has been further enhanced and many opportunities have been given to me to reach out to numerous children with special education needs and their parents.

Besides mainly teaching children with Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Epilepsy and Autism, I also have a student who has been diagnosed with ADHD mixed with Hyperlexic Autism. Each and every one of them is so unique with specific needs.

With all these “precious clients” on hand, I am continuously taking them as my “case study” and I have been yearning for more knowledge in differentiated teaching. Today, I have acquired a vast amount of knowledge in inclusive education and even in child psychology.

Just over the weekend, I had delivered two lectures on Child Psychology and Inclusive Education Strategies at Aventis Graduate School of Singapore.  I take it as a new height and growth in my teaching career.

Submitted by Dr Julie Safri of EIU-Paris on 13.04.2024

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