Selly: A Polymath Bridging Education and Leadership

Selly Wijaya is a true renaissance woman, a polymath with a remarkable breadth of skills and a deep well of experience. Her dedication to education and teaching extends far beyond the classroom, making her an invaluable asset to any institution lucky enough to have her.

Selly’s expertise spans a multitude of disciplines. Her ability to excel in various fields makes her a captivating teacher, able to connect with students from diverse backgrounds and learning styles. Her vast experience in school management further enhances her teaching, as she understands the intricacies of the educational system and can tailor her approach to optimize student success.

Not content to rest on her laurels, Selly is currently pursuing a PhD from European International University-Paris, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to lifelong learning and pushing the boundaries of knowledge. This pursuit of motivation undoubtedly support her teaching, keeping her curriculum fresh and infused with the latest research and insights.

“I can’t wait to finally defend my dissertation and share my work with the world.”

Selly Wijaya

Selly’s ability to excel in so many areas is a testament to her intellectual curiosity and her drive to make a positive impact. Her students benefit from her diverse knowledge base and her experience in navigating the complexities of the educational landscape. Her dedication in her work ensures that her teaching stays at the forefront of educational best practices. Being an English teacher for around 4 years she has now climbed the career ladder as an educator and manager at Morphoo International School in Bali, Indonesia

Selly has always been an active in social activities, supporting the communities, providing assistance to underprivileged children, engaged in charitable activities, provided mentorship, and participated in various community services.

Holiding the title MISS UNIVERSE CULTURE GLOBAL INDONESIA which she received quite recently in 2024 makes us proud of her commitment to the society. The title was granted to Selly for her devotion in supporting, mentoring, celebrating and introducing women of all cultures and backgrounds empowering them towards attainment of our goals and growth along with serving as an inspirational leader and role model to the communities

In a world that often values specialization, Selly stands out as a shining example of the power of a well-rounded mind . Her ability to bridge the gap between education and leadership makes her a truly remarkable individual.

Dr. J Anand of EIU Paris

Ms. Selly Wijaya is currently doing her Ph.D. research at EIU-Paris exploring the integration of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles with Christian values to enhance safety and deter bullying in primary school contexts. This work is inspired by a desire to embody the principles of stewardship, compassion, and justice in educational settings.

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