Not just a manager but a True Leader: Ms Diya Ikhmaes’ MBA Journey at EIU-Paris

The participation of Jordanian women in education

There are things that we take for granted in various parts of the world. It all depends on the cultural, economic and political context of each nation. One of these aspects is the training and participation of women in the universities and workplace. Although the fight for equality is thought to have been won in some countries, in others there is still a process of change that is urging women to find their place in society.

Step by step, Jordan is a country where women are expressing their genuine desire to go to university and work. Since 1980 the literacy rate in Jordan for women increased from 69.2% to 98.1% in 2021, according to the World Bank. The same report from this organization shows us that 18% of business owners are women. ‘Jordan News’ also reported in 2022 that 56% of Jordanian university students were female. For the European International University-Paris, it is with great pride that we contribute to increase this figure by providing high-level education to female pupils from Jordan, such as Diya Ikhmaes.

The success story of Diya Ikhmaes

Diya Ikhmaes always had her father’s support so she could achieve her goals and give her best. After graduating with a degree in civil engineering from Hashmite University, she decided to work in the family business as a structural design engineer. As her desire to continue studying had not ceased while working, she decided to pursue simultaneously a master’s degree in engineering project management at the University of Jordan. The latter is the most prestigious institution in her country and is ranked by QS in 2024 as the ninth most prominent in the Arab world.

As she advanced her studies and career, Diya Ikhmaes discovered her ability to train other civil engineers and thought about opening her own academy. With this she found her passion in the training field. And since opportunities always open up for those who profess excellence, Diya got a job in the United Arab Emirates with her GPA of 3.9 out of 4.

Although moving to another country and standing out in the job market is always an arduous task, Diya got to know how to find the space and context to succeed. Currently, she is a tutor, trainer, team leader and project coordinator with MOE (Ministry of Education) in the UAE. The next step for someone who is working in the administrative area is a Master of Business Administration MBA. So, when searching for options on the Internet, she found the EIU-Paris and she did not think twice to enroll. It was the perfect chance knowing that it was not necessary to stop her work to receive an executive education with European standards. The goal for Diya is not just to be a good manager but a true leader.


Pursuing an MBA

If people reflect on their careers and are driven by a profound desire to challenge themselves as well as to contribute meaningfully to the business world, they realize on the need to pursue an MBA. It does not matter the origin and previous education that an individual has… An MBA provides all those who take it with the necessary tools to be leaders in increasingly competitive environments. For this reason, it has become the most acclaimed graduate program today. It is not surprising that Diya Ikhmaes has opted for this distance master’s degree offered by EIU-Paris, in which she also chose the specialization of Project Management (of the 17 available at our university).

“I believe that pursuing an MBA at EIU-Paris is an opportunity that will empower me with the knowledge, skills, and network necessary to excel in life as a business leader.”

Diya Ikhmaes commented on her experience:

This graduate degree is designed to fullfill the needs to those who are consistently drawn to complex problem-solving and strategic decision-making skills. Diya also mentioned that “I recognize that to truly master these skills and to be well-equipped for the dynamic and competitive landscape of modern business, I need a comprehensive education that goes beyond my current expertise. An MBA program, renowned for its rigorous curriculum, presents a unique chance for me to gain exposure to a wide range of disciplines, from finance and marketing to entrepreneurship and organizational behavior. This well-rounded education will equip me with a holistic understanding of the business world, enabling me to approach challenges from multiple angles and make informed, impactful decisions.”

As they say educating a woman is educating the entire generation. Education for women is not just important, it’s transformative. It empowers them with knowledge, skills, and confidence, unlocking a world of possibilities. An educated woman makes informed choices about her health, career, and relationships. A higher wage uplifts her family and community out of poverty. An educated woman actively participates in society, advocating for change and creating a more just future. Educating women strengthens families, economies, and entire nations, creating a ripple effect of positive impact for generations to come. Investing in girls’ education is not just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do

Dr. J Anand of EIU-Paris

If your desire is to create an impact in your context as a business leader in any industry, whatever its nature, contact us at EIU-Paris and join our international network of students. The possibility of obtaining a postgraduate degree from a well-ranked European business school is within reach of a few clicks from anywhere in the world. Apply today and be a leader of tomorrow.

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