Making a difference in a special way: How Kumaran Arumugam is transforming lives with sports

Perspectives on special education

The idea that education is a fundamental right is recent. Few privileged people had access to it, and even fewer were those with special needs who received the attention to reach their full potential. But there were great individuals of good will who did their part to turn this inequality around, such as Charles-Michel de l’Épée who founded the first public school for people with disabilities in France in 1760. In fact, in the USA “The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act” (IDEA) was passed by President Gerald Ford on November 19, 1975.

Before these gradual advances occurred, people with special needs and disabilities were almost completely excluded. Nowadays, the fight to achieve this equity remains intact and in line with this, the European International University-Paris decided to offer its Bachelor of Education program in order to equip teachers and teaching candidates who are brave and want to train for the challenges of modern pedagogy.

Making a difference in a special way

Among the brave people who are making a difference in special education, we have Kumaran Arumugam. He lives in Singapore and works as Subject Lead in Physical Education/CCA for students with visual and hearing loss at Lighthouse School. The impact of this work takes on a different meaning when we understand that vision and hearing impairments have been linked to higher levels of anxiety and depression. His approach is simple: Give students the confidence and physical tools to be the best versions of themselves with the sport.

“I love working with students. At their age they are starting to figure out who they want to be and I believe that through coaching sports I can influence them to be a better person.

Kumaran Arumugam

Furthermore, his professional career has been very outstanding. Kumaran has been Assistant Head Of Department (Sports) at VivaKids Pte Ltd (2017-2020), Youth Worker at Boys’ Town Sanctuary Care Singapore (2020-2021), Head of Department for Physical Education (Special Education) at Saint Claire School of Special Education (2021-2022) and, in addition to his current position at Lighthouse, he has started up Fitty Witty Sports, a coaching company that provides sports education with the aim of instilling values and enhancing positivity within the working place.

In order to achieve excellence, Kumaran Arumugam spent many years taking continuing education courses and diplomas so he could improve his teaching methods. And this was not in vain. He has been a recipient of multiple awards such as Community Changemaker of the Year 2023 at the Singapore Disability Sports Award, Sports Coach of the Year 2019 (Excellence), and Most Inspiring Coach of the Year 2018 & 2019 with Kidsexcel.

In our efforts to reward talent and transform through education, EIU-Paris has awarded an academic scholarship to Kumaran Arumugam to study the Bachelor in Education (Special Educational Needs) online. The learning into the teaching degree has allowed him to understand and serve his students better. He is not only able to incorporate some of the teaching methods in his daily lessons, but also hopes he can continue to inspire and improve the lives of people with disabilities through this degree program.

Upon receiving this scholarship, Kumaran Arumugam stated that “I feel 100% confident that my BEd. degree from EIU-Paris with the specialization in Special Education will make my teaching career more advanced in addressing complex education needs of pupils and will make a difference in my students learning and retention levels. Growth has no limits at this university.”

Making a difference in the whole world

The EIU-Paris believes that change agents must be supported in their context and place of action. Many want to study but fear that they will not be able to do so due to lack of resources and loss of momentum in their professional career. Others also have families and commitments that cannot be waived.

Our mission is to offer a rigorous and complete education that can be done remotely. With the best computer and educational tools, we have an academic offer that includes bachelor’s programs, master’s degrees (MSc or MBA), and doctorates (PhD, DBA, EdD, etc.). You don’t have to go to the capital of France or to cities like London or Madrid for years to have a recognized and prestigious education. EIU-Paris has been ranked as one of the best business schools in the world by CEOWORLD Magazine and Pedagog Magazine.

With the flexibility and affordability our students need, make a difference in your world by studying with one of the European International University-Paris programs.

Submitted by Alessandro Odoardi

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