Educational Psychology. Sounds interesting doesn’t it ?

Expert Feature

What is educational psychology ? It involves the study of how people learn in classrooms and how different teaching methods impact learning. Because this domain is a study of behaviours, its vast enough to involve varied interesting conclusions and is becoming increasingly famous with institutions dedicated to improve learning for students that are tired of … Read more

The Best Job in the World: A Teacher’s Perspective

How does one become a teacher? It’s certainly not the easiest of jobs, nor the most lucrative, but it’s arguably the most rewarding. Teaching can take years to master, but once you do, you’ll find that there’s nothing quite like the feeling that comes with knowing you helped someone grow in some way. This article … Read more

Advantages, Disadvantages and Perceptions of Online Training

Author(s) name(s): Dr. Katina Grigoraskos The current and future prospects for online training in the corporate sector are promising, with many opportunities existing in its potential to develop corporate training options and employee development cultures and offer original recruiting strategies and innovative branding and marketing (Dodson et al., 2015). The main advantages of technology-based training … Read more