The Best Job in the World: A Teacher’s Perspective

How does one become a teacher? It’s certainly not the easiest of jobs, nor the most lucrative, but it’s arguably the most rewarding. Teaching can take years to master, but once you do, you’ll find that there’s nothing quite like the feeling that comes with knowing you helped someone grow in some way. This article will explore the best job in the world from the perspective of a teacher and how they see their profession as more than just an occupation, but rather as an opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life every day!

Paul Walton is an experienced international school leader with qualifications from the UK, including a school headship qualification NPQH and the senior leadership NPQSL.  He has a MSc in Education, PGCE in teaching and a BSc Information Technology.  He is a Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts, Manufacturing and Commerce and a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management.  He is a qualified leadership coach and completed extensive UK and international school inspection training.

Paul joined Nadeen School from the British International School of Ljubljana, Slovenia where he led the school as Principal to achieve an ‘Outstanding’ rating each category during a 2021 BSO inspection.  During his tenure, the school was awarded COBIS accredited member, the highest rating of an ‘Exemplar’ accreditation by the UK BELL Foundation, two international curriculum awards and UK and international wellbeing awards.  Previous to this, he was a Principal at an outstanding school in Malaysia and had leadership roles in Houston and Hungary after leaving the UK as a school leader of 10 years.

Paul is fascinated by providing all students with exciting learning opportunities at school, through innovation, creativity and imagination based on education research.  He is deeply committed to the values of international education, ensuring all students can be compassionate, thoughtful and ambitious to follow any goal and passion they desire.  Paul in his time outside of school is involved in volunteer work and is also passionate about sport including football, snowboarding and running.  He’s keen to develop his skills in cooking as he enjoys embracing a new challenge, perseveres to improve and loves to keep learning.

Adding Value by Innovative teaching

Paul in a recent dialogue talking about the education industry at a macro level and discussing the perspective of teaching job as a career, said ‘’The best job in the world – that’s what I feel like every time I step into my classroom and greet my eager students each morning. It’s not just because I love what I teach or because I look forward to seeing the smiling faces of the kids whose education I’m entrusted with, but also because of the way I feel at home at school every day and when I come in every morning.

Paul Walton is a Principal of Nadeen School which is an international, multicultural, and inclusive school based in beautiful Bahrain. It is a family and a community underpinned and guided by clear values, which resonate strongly with the values of Bahrain itself and with those upheld by worldwide communities.

Having dedicated his life in education, teaching and developing the lives of others through teaching, Paul has always looked for more innovation around the methodologies of teaching and education, and thus the reason why under his guidance and leadership his school continuously gets recognised as an ‘Outstanding’ school from the BSO Penta Inspection in a row.

As his commitment to continually improve the facilities and introducing innovation in teaching, Paul has recently completed the MASTER OF SCIENCE IN INNOVATIVE EDUCATION & TEACHING (M.S.IET.) Programme from European International University-Paris in the year 2022 and he feels that this programme is designed to prepare the teachers and the staff to be a more able, efficient, internationally oriented, skilled teaching workforce.

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