Passion, self-motivation and positive thinking are vital to achieve one’s goals. An Educationist can share the best learning experiences from their approach to learning and professional skills, and in this regard European International University – Paris aids educators to future-proof their career. The scope of content and continual innovative support is what makes studying various courses and training programmes in teaching and education by EIU-Paris exciting, challenging and rewarding. Over the years, Ms. Khushali Shah, a dedicated and passionate IB PYP Facilitator at the renowned Kanakia International Schools, has been performing a variety of roles. She has gained some insights into the 21st century Education.

Meet Ms. Khushali Shah, EIU- PARIS (2021- 2022) IB PYP Facilitator, Kanakia International Schools

Khushali comes from Mumbai which is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world and people there are highly learned and very competitive. Mumbai is also a financial centre of India and is very densely populated. The historical city of Mumbai is also known as the City of Dreams, Bollywood, and The Gateway of India & Khushali loves her city!

Khushali always had a passion to exceed the expectations in her career and be an elite educationist. Having worked in various roles as a class facilitator, a leader, subject coordinator, curriculum developer, committee chairperson, program coordinator and parent coordinator. Through this range of experiences, She become familiar with the International Baccalaureate’s (IB) standards and practices, referring to these extensively during initial implementation of the PYP, preparation for authorization and evaluation visits, and in the development of school policies and curriculum.

Khushali has had multiple opportunities to work collaboratively with different groups of people, as well as facilitate IB EYP and PYP facilitators on PSHE subject and Academic curriculum. She has now enough experience in teaching pre-primary, primary and secondary level learners for multiplicity of settings.

I believe my teaching experience and ardor for my professional development drive me to apply for various roles having achieved MSIET from EIU-Paris

I want to thrive further in my career as I’m very ambitious towards my profession. I assure to prove my potential. I’m fully aware of the nature of the work from my past experiences and can handle all the circumstances easily and fairly.

Speaking to Dr. J Anand of  EIU Paris Khushali said She has gained some insights into 21st century Education. It has been a great experience to study DETL and MSIET courses at EIU. It is a privilege to strengthen knowledge with continuous support from the EIU community. EIU assists Educators to shape and develop their career as determined educationists. The guidelines from EIU have further enhanced my knowledge in varied Academic areas. I am looking forward to further my journey with EIU.

According to Ms. Khushali Shah, MASTER OF SCIENCE IN INNOVATIVE EDUCATION & TEACHING helped her become a more able, efficient, internationally oriented, and skilled mentor. It is the M.S.IET. that equipped her with necessary knowledge and skills, as well as inculcate continuing education mindset to enable her reach the zenith of glory in her career.

Tina Yang is a senior writer at EIU-PARIS. Email Tina at [email protected]



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