Mr. Chadi Sleiman Chaddad

Meet Mr. Chadi Sleiman Chaddad

Meet Mr. Chadi Sleiman Chaddad, Manager in the wine industry, Beirut Lebanon. 

By the saying Keep learning, it’s never too late, he proved it that yes age is just a number. 

My career has really been an adventure, from a junior accountant to managing the sales and marketing team in a leading wine company in Lebanon. I have also participated in the implementation of quality and food safety management systems as well as CRM.

After this I decided for career advancement and made best decision to persue M.B.A from EIU. 

I decided to get my MBA at the age of 48 and European International University was my choice to accomplish this degree. 

Admissions directors know that you’re never too old to pursue an MBA– but older students will have some convincing to do to prove they belong in a full-time program. The vast majority of MBA alumni find the education personally rewarding at EIU. 

Although most incoming MBA classes have an average age in the late 30s. Age is not a criterion considered in the admissions process. Given you have the academic and professional experience required. 

From the student’s perspective, it’s never too late to go back to school for an MBA, it made sense to me personally and have reasons for doing it. The more complicated questions arise around whether or not good schools will let you in but I think I found the best one. EIU understands a student perspective and design course modules and environment accordingly. I have a strong sense of satisfaction for undertaking the program and finishing it.  This was not an easy experience and anyone who completes it should feel a sense of accomplishment.

I have experienced more diversity at EIU than in any other part of my life, personal or professional.  By diversity, I mean racial, cultural, national, professional, gender, age — you name it. I think it is because of it’s online global presence.  I very much appreciate this and consider it a very positive aspect of my EIU’s experience.  Moreover, the students at EIU recognize the strength we have as a group, each belonging from different backgrounds.  No one treats me differently because I am from a different age group among them.  At EIU the students interact positively with and are respectful of each other.  I wish the rest of the world could learn how to do the same, though we haven’t met except our online interactions.

Finally, the experience was fun!  It was a pleasant experience with EIU making this journey completely worthwhile. It was difficult, but fun!  Knowing what I know now, I absolutely would make the same decision I made two years ago.

What people think about your company is critical to its success,” Chady told Tina Yang Senior writer at EIU-Paris. “By shaping a positive image that you trust in, you can make a name for you and the company you work for & achieve your goals responsibly.

Tina Yang is a senior writer at EIU-PARIS. Email Tina at [email protected]

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