Dr Vincent Yong Chung Shien

Vincent Yong Chung Shien

Programme: DBA

Nationality: Malaysia       

Job Pre-programme: Branding Consultant, Entrepreneur & Lecturer

Having spent his formative years between Taiwan, China & Malaysia where he completed his secondary education, for Vincent Yong Chung Shien (DBA 2022) the love of training, brand consulting & previous business experiences along with teaching initially led him on a path towards Branding. Today, having worked as a Strategy & Brand Consultant at leading organisations for many years – he explains why he decided to continue his learning journey at EIU by enrolling into its prestigious DBA with the specialisation in Further Education & training development, the importance of enlightening the communities, and why he is devoted to creating more employment opportunities by training an endorsed branding and marketing programme helping entrepreneurs and companies in the region.

In the words of Dr Vincent..

I was born in Sandakan, Sabah, a small town in East Malaysia and at the age of nine during the year 1978, I left for Singapore for my education. I was raised in Singapore and had been living there for 17 years.

Over the years, I had been a teacher, trainer, speaker and training consultant in several countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. I had spent 10 years living in Taiwan and engaged in English teachers training courses, then l had lived in China for 7 years (Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou & Shenzhen). In total, I have devoted myself in the field of education & training industry for 28 years.

At this age of 53 now, having gone through all the ups and downs including failure, I have never wanted to give up and still keeping up my spirit of learning as I strongly believe that failure make us stronger.

I have come to the stage in my life that I am seeking for an opportunity to serve the community to the best of my ability. Being a full-time business owner and brand consultant now, sharing knowledge and experiences has become part of my job, I enjoyed sharing branding knowledge with my clients and business people as this is part of the adults education for many companies and entrepreneurs.

Early this year, in March 2022, I have been appointed by IAQ and Lincoln University College to be teach an endorsed program in Professional Diploma in Brand Strategy & Management (DBSM). This program is open for all business owners, senior executives and CEO including those who have been involved in developing products for OEM and ODM industries. Upon completion of the program, graduates are entitled to receive the ‘Chief Brand Officer’ CBO Certification.

On 27th May 2022, during the 10th International Prestige Brand Award Ceremony held in Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur, I am honored to have been appointed as the Branding Advisor of the Asia Excellent Entrepreneurs Federation AEEF to provide consultation and training activities for SMEs in Asia region. Photos & Certificate of Appointment will be attached together with this submission.

I am preparing to excel and serve others in need of branding education and therefore, The EIU Doctorate degree has certainly allowed me to extend my ability and boundaries with no limit. Education is meant for all, especially working adults and for those who have engaged in businesses for some years. At the end of the day, no one shall leave education aside regardless of the size of your company. This in fact, is the ONLY way to maintain high efficiency of our staff and production team.

I am also involved in the F&B business since 2020 during the MCO period. It has been proven in my own business, with the concept of Brand Strategy, we were able to sustain business during a very crucial period. As such, I have had a mindset now that all business companies MUST engage in Branding Education to be conducted whether in house or online.

I would also love to explore to represent the European International University in all possible ways to promote or instil education awareness in the region.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to EIU and I appreciate your kind consideration of my Doctorate Degree Application.

These skills will be invaluable in fulfilling my post-DBA goals of becoming a senior consultant in this domain. After graduating, the transition to my career is taking better shape with more confidence, and I believe the technical skills I have earned during my DBA will go all the way in my career. My mentor Prof Dr Joel Farnworth gave me an insight into the world of education and training – not just in terms of theory, but also the practical side of what the job is like.

If I could pass on one of my key learnings about the DBA from prospective students, it’s do your research – speak to mentors, coaches and work out what you want from the DBA, then have two or three key things you want to achieve while you’re at EIU. Before you apply, speak to the recruitment team and check your CV aligns with what they want, but don’t let anything deter you.

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