Team At EIU-Paris

Team at EIU-Paris

European International University – Paris is rightly proud of its faculty. Our faculty members comprise individuals who are not only brilliant as teachers but, also distinguished researchers and practitioners. It is the qualification, diverse domain knowledge and interdisciplinary expertise of our dedicated academic staff which allows us to assert that EIU-Paris has the most promising future.

Following is a partial list of our prominent faculty members:

Prof. Dr. Edward Roy Krishan (B.L.A, M.A, M.S, M.B.A, M.Phil., Ph.D., Ed.D., D.B.A)

The founder of IKON: Educational and Psychological Consultancy, Dr. Roy is a strong believer of psycho-education and its power to transform people. Having studied psychology and counselling, he passionately advocates for the unleashing of one’s true potential through self-knowledge, mindful-realization, habits-reorientation, and altered behaviour patterns. Dr. Roy has contributed largely to the success of EIU-Paris.

His core set of management skills, communication skills, strategic decision making and analytical skills, adaptability, creativity and visionary leadership makes him the most worthy and celebrated Director-General of EIU. It is his commitment and passion that EIU has reached remarkable heights in such short time span.

Dr. Chrysanthi Balomenou (B.Sc In Political Science, M.Sc., Ph.D. In Banking & Regional Economics)

Dr. Balomenou is the Director of Academics in EIU-Paris. It is her glorifying academic and professional credentials that she has been working as a professor advisor with multiple international universities and research institutes. She has also worked for 32 years as a permanent staff at National Bank of Greece. Additionally, she is a board member of many Greek and International, scientific and professional associations.

Dr. Balomenou brings a remarkable combination of both academic and professional experience to EIU-Paris. Being the most effective academic director, she assists students think outside the box, and inspire to break the limits of learning online. Hence, bringing out the best in every student. It is her commitment and perseverance that EIU stands tall for the well-established professional careers of its alumni.

Dr. Robert Brand (P.M.P & Prince 2 Practitioner, D.B.A)

Dr.  Brand believes in lifelong learning. He has been designing educational materials, developing courses, and delivering training for more than 20 years in renowned educational institutions worldwide. An expert in management, leadership, and business communication courses, he is an important key to the success of EIU-Paris.

With his fascinating and effective teaching style along with curriculum expertise, Dr. Robert encourages creativity and innovation. It is under his stewardship that the students are shaped into future professionals by EIU.

Dr. Katina Grigoraskos (Psy.D In Human & Organizational Psych., M.B.A. in Human Resources Management)

Dr. Katina has a great deal of experience teaching internationally and at various levels, from kindergarten to high school to adults. It is her understanding of Psychology that has allowed her to educate and empower educators and professionals. Her work emphasizes the sharing of knowledge and tools gained through her experience and research on the influence of emotional intelligence on learning.

As a leader, experienced educator and a lifelong learner, she is always aiming to empower others to become the best versions of themselves and it is Dr. katina and her dynamism that the students of EIU are the forces of positive change worldwide.

Dr. Joel Farnworth (Chartered Fellow CIPD & M.A. In Management Learning. D.B.A)

Dr. Joel Farnworth has 24 years of international experience (working in 34 countries with 50+ nationalities) with a number of leadership and management roles held at country, regional and global level. Now Managing Partner of KF&A providing live, live virtual and online learning worldwide. He is also a Chartered Fellow CIPD with exceptional skills in creating & implementing corporate strategy, strategic HR management, impactive Leadership, consulting and coaching and advising senior management.

His unique perspective on how implementation of a proactive people agenda aids business success, makes him the most esteemed and celebrated advisor in leadership and human capability development at EIU-Paris. Dr. Joel’s natural practical, bottom-line emphasis with latest research and personally experienced best practices is the reason behind thriving career of EIU alumni.

Dr. Anastasia Maga (Ph.D. in Political Studies & Economics)

Dr. Anastasia Maga, holds a doctoral degree in political studies from the Transbaikal State University in Russia, and two masters’ degrees, in international studies and business administration, and is a lecturer and an active researcher in finance and economics with publications in reputable international academic journals. She has a teaching experience of over 15 years and has over 60 academic publications to her credit. Her areas of expertise include Financial Analysis, Corporate Finance, Macroeconomics and Statistics.

Being a consultant, UN ESCAP, Dr. Anastasia firmly believes and promotes inclusive and sustainable development. Her proficiency in developing new lessons and innovative activities which are guaranteed to expand the learning opportunities of students has won her many enthusiasts in students as well as the staff of EIU.

Dr Paul Charles (B.Th., MA.Ed., Ph.D)

Dr. Paul is a Certified transformation, resilience, resilient learning and, resilient wealth Coach for more than 17 years now. A certified NLP Practitioner and ethics officer who believes that character supersedes competence in Leadership.  He is also a celebrated author of more than 20 books and designed a number of hot selling courses.  His academic achievements can be summarised as Modern Academic Impressionism.

A Pastor for 16 years before embracing the call to make a difference outside the fence of religious restrictions, Dr. Paul supplements his teaching with authentic faith, genuine love and hope filled leadership. His disposition of grace as a facilitator has led to the remarkable personal development, academic excellence and improved quality of life of not only the students but also the staff of EIU.

Ms. Tarntip Kongteveth (M.S. In Counselling Pyschology, B.A. In Business English & Marketing)

Ms. Tarntip has worked as a school administrator for more than 10 years with several educational institutions where she held esteemed positions such as academic advisor, head of tutor division, head of administration and alike.  She is also a business trainer with areas of expertise such as Business English, Office Management and Customer Relations. Ms. Tarntip has excellent skills of organisation and attention to detail. She is a high energy personality, love meeting people and being on the go. These exemplary traits make her an outstanding Director of Admissions at EIU.

An outstanding counsellor responsible for student’s academic progress and educational decisions, Ms. Tarntip is a productive optimist with strong leadership abilities refined through so many years of experience as an administrator. Her proactive approach has a proven record of exceeding expectations at EIU which is worthy of praise and appreciation.

Remaining team and faculty members can be seen here on EIU’s website


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