It is an undeniable fact that faculty is the lifeblood of an institution. It is only the professors/instructors who are pillars of teaching, learning and research which are central to the existence of any university. In fact, faculty is considered to be the most significant resource and the chief factor behind the success and growth of any educational institution. The same stands true for European International University-Paris.


EIU-Paris has achieved tremendous success and reached remarkable heights in such a short span of 4 years. Among thousands of established business schools worldwide, many being decades or even centuries old still, EIU-Paris been ranked as #65 World’s Best Business School for 2022. Additionally, 5 STAR rating in teaching and learning by QS Intelligence Unit. EIU-Paris stands tall for its glorifying success and all of this could not have been possible without our dedicated team of professionals and academicians.

EIU-Paris ardently believes that it is not the institution in itself but, the passion, hard work, sincerity of our team and their authentic interactions along with exemplary achievements that has brought laurels to European International University – Paris.

As a token of our gratitude towards them, EIU-Paris will be celebrating the professional accomplishments of our outstanding faculty, both on our campus and beyond. In addition to the in – campus celebrations, we also wish to rejoice by dedicating a post on their professional excellence through our social media.

This is our way of Thanking them for being an indispensable part of EIU-Paris. It is only because of our team that EIU- Paris has such a promising future.

So, stay tuned for future posts!!     Being an extended family of EIU, your blessings and wishes are extremely important to us

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