“Transforming Education through Etiquette Learning and Public Speaking: A Journey of Social and Emotional Learning for a Brighter Future”

Transforming Education through Etiquette Learning and Public Speaking: A Journey of Social and Emotional Learning for a Brighter Future”

Subtitle: Unveiling Groundbreaking Research on Early Years Social-Emotional Learning and its Profound Influence on the Success of Industry Leaders

Introduction: Education is a holistic endeavor that encompasses academic excellence and the cultivation of social and emotional skills. We are excited to unveil CCE Finland’s Etiquette Learning and Public Speaking (ELPS) Workbook,  CCE Finland’s Etiquette Learning and Public Speaking (ELPS) Workbook, a groundbreaking resource designed by Ms. Simran Ballani. Informed by comprehensive research on early childhood development, this transformative workbook has been meticulously crafted to address the unique social and emotional needs of students in grades 1-5. Join us on an enlightening journey as we delve into Ms. Ballani’s ongoing doctoral research, which serves as the foundation for this groundbreaking workbook. Furthermore, we explore the pivotal role of early social-emotional development in shaping students’ future success.

Experience the captivating research journey of the ELPS Workbook through this engaging ELPS YouTube video. This video provides a glimpse into the workbook’s innovative approach, featuring a diverse array of activities, real-life connections, and play-based methods that have been carefully tailored to support the social and emotional growth of students in grades 1-3

Personal Journey and Achievements: The development of the ELPS Workbook is a culmination of Ms. Simran Ballani’s personal journey, which began in 2015. Inspired by renowned developmental psychologist Jean Piaget, Ms. Ballani embarked on the ELPS journey with her own daughter, Sera. This hands-on experience allowed her to refine and perfect the curriculum. As a testament to its effectiveness, the ELPS program was later embraced by the largest preschool chain in India, recognizing its value in early childhood education.

About the Author: The Pedagogical Director of CCE Finland, Ms. Simran Ballani, brings over a decade of experience in early years education and research to the development of the ELPS Curriculum model. With a background in Early Childhood Education and numerous accolades, including being a gold medalist, Ms. Ballani is a recognized expert in the field. Her doctoral research focuses on social and emotional learning in early years and its impact on life and leadership succes. Ms. Ballani’s contributions have been widely acknowledged by international conferences and research committees.

Research Contribution: Ms. Ballani’s dedication to studying the impact of early etiquette learning led to the publication of a research paper titled “Etiquette Learning and Public Speaking: Early Etiquette Learning and Its Impact on Higher Education and Working Professionals.” This research paper delves into the long-term effects of early etiquette learning on individuals’ educational and professional journeys. The findings underscore the importance of nurturing social and emotional skills during the early years.

Ongoing Doctoral Research: Ms. Ballani’s commitment to the field of early childhood education and social-emotional learning is exemplified by her ongoing doctoral research. As part of her doctoral studies, she continues to track the progress and development of children who enrolled in the ELPS program back in 2017. This longitudinal research aims to deepen our understanding of the long-lasting effects of early social-emotional learning and its impact on the lives of individuals as they progress through various educational and professional stages.

Ms. Ballani’s ongoing doctoral research goes beyond tracking the progress of children enrolled in the ELPS program. She is also collaborating with eminent industry leaders to explore the correlation between their current success and their early years’ social-emotional learning experiences.By studying the journeys of these accomplished individuals, Ms. Ballani aims to shed light on the long-term impact of social-emotional learning during the formative years. Through in-depth interviews and data analysis, Ms. Ballani is uncovering the ways in which early social-emotional learning has influenced the core values, leadership abilities, and vision of these industry leaders. Her research aims to underscore the crucial role played by social-emotional skills in shaping individuals’ trajectories and accomplishments.

Ms. Ballani’s ongoing doctoral research with EIU Paris, is revolutionizing our understanding of social-emotional learning and its impact on children’s lives. By uncovering the long-term effects of early social-emotional development, this research will provide valuable insights for educators, parents, and policymakers. It reaffirms that nurturing social and emotional skills from an early age equips children to navigate social situations, communicate effectively, and build positive relationships. Moreover, this research highlights how social-emotional learning is instrumental in shaping the success of industry leaders and icons. By prioritizing social-emotional learning in education, we can empower children to become emotionally intelligent, compassionate, and globally-minded individuals, ready to make a positive impact on society.

Submitted by Dr J Anand of EIU-Paris on 16 July 2023

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