Trends in career development; looking back and forward !

New trends in career development in 2023 are worth noticing, From point of view of a career strategist & coach.

1. Networking: The importance of expanding your professional network cannot be overstated. Network with colleagues, recruiters, and experts in your field to stay informed about industry trends and to boost your contacts.

2. Technology Skills: Companies are increasingly looking for employees who are competent in using cutting-edge technology. Pursue courses and certifications in languages such as Python, database systems like Oracle, and apps like HTML to sharpen your tech skills.

3. Mentoring: Find mentors in your field to help you gain valuable insights and perspective on areas of growth. Certain employers also offer mentorship programs, which could be beneficial.

4. Professional Development: Take the initiative to seek out trainings, workshops, and conference attendance to stay up to date with industry knowledge. Professional development doesn’t have to stop after college and can be further supplemented with events like TEDTalks, industry talks, or external resources.

5. Soft Skills: Soft skills are an important aspect of professional development, whether it’s strengthening communication techniques, developing successful leadership skills, or honing problem-solving strategies. Formal courses or one-on-one coaching may help here.

6. Flexible Working: More companies are offering greater flexibility in work locations, hours and job roles. Staying ahead of tech advances can help ensure you’re able to use this flexibility to your benefit.

7. Collaboration: Collaboration is key to harnessing the collective power of teams and to making progress. Developing strong collaborative skills can go a long way in helping you reach your career goals. 8. Digital Visibility: To stand out in the increasingly crowded job market, show off your skillset and experience on virtual platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and personal websites. This will help employers find and gauge your abilities.

“In 2023, the trend of career exploration and job redefinition will be paramount as individuals seek out new, innovative, and transferrable skills that can be applied to different professions. Technology, automation, and the need for specialization are transforming the way we work, creating new opportunities and demands for professionals to stay ahead of the game.” said Dr. Mohammad Ariful Islam in a webinar addressed to students at EIU-Paris

Submitted by Dr J Anand of EIU-Paris

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