Trends in career development; looking back and forward !

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New trends in career development in 2023 are worth noticing, From point of view of a career strategist & coach. 1. Networking: The importance of expanding your professional network cannot be overstated. Network with colleagues, recruiters, and experts in your field to stay informed about industry trends and to boost your contacts. 2. Technology Skills: … Read more

“Doing what we must. Living how we can.”


Dr. Vincent Chua commenced his career in the Singapore public service, being professionally trained as both a Naval Officer and a Naval Aviator with Republic of Singapore Navy. Upon completion of his scholarship obligations, Vincent took the opportunity to pursue his interest in technology and business in the oil & gas and energy sector. Combining … Read more

EIU Creates Center Devoted to Research and Innovation

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Research and Publications Department -European International University, Paris Research, Education and Publications are an integral part of any University system. European International University -Paris is excited to announce the opening of its RESEARCH AND PUBLICATIONS DEPARTMENT, dedicated to promoting the leading-edge research work contributing to the innovation, growth and development of knowledge across various academic … Read more

Advanced Research & Development and Innovation partnerships

EIU’s Research & Development and Innovation partnerships European International University, Paris is immensely pleased and proud to announce its collaboration with (LIPS) Research foundation, India under the leadership and able guidance of Dr. J.V. Muruga Lal Jeyan; Advisor International Research. LIPS Research foundation, India is a prominent centre for advanced research and development including Aerospace and … Read more