Advanced Research & Development and Innovation partnerships

EIU's Research & Development and Innovation partnerships

European International University, Paris is immensely pleased and proud to announce its collaboration with (LIPS) Research foundation, India under the leadership and able guidance of Dr. J.V. Muruga Lal Jeyan; Advisor International Research. LIPS Research foundation, India is a prominent centre for advanced research and development including Aerospace and interdisciplinary research and innovation solutions.

The European International University, Paris, is a household name for affordable, yet high quality industry-focused and competency-based education, worldwide. To accomplish this, we whole heartedly acknowledge the consistent support of our global partners in aiding us achieve the pursuits of our values and goals. Our global partners help us advance our presence in different parts of the world assisting EIU, Paris set benchmarks in higher education. So, we take pride in announcing yet another partnership with LIPS Research Foundation, an eminent research facility in India, sharing the same vision and mission as that of EIU, Paris.

“This collaboration will help Research Scholars achieve their dream of having Masters or Doctoral Degrees from International University, all while remaining in India” shared Dr. Edward Roy Krishnan while announcing this partnership in a gala event held in Paris. LIPS Research Foundation will host advanced research and development programmes in different specialisations like Astro-Physics, Aeronautical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Business & Corporate Management, languages, Arts & Science etc. just to name a few, in association with European International University, Paris.

European International University, Paris believes in crafting an atmosphere of creativity, curiosity, and competency for eager and ambitious talents through the support of experienced industry leaders such as Dr. Lal Jeyan and advanced world class centres of excellence like LIPS Research Foundation, resulting in employable and enlightened graduates for the premier emerging technologies

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International Research Degrees Brochure Lips brochure 

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