“A Beautiful Woman is a Beautiful Woman, but a Beautiful woman with Brains is an absolute Enthralling Combination”.

European International University, Paris takes pride in presenting inspiring accomplishments of one such Captivating Woman; also, our alumna Shahy Hamdy; Miss Grand Egypt 2021. 

Shahy, a 25 years old Egyptian flight attendant, working as Emirates cabin crew was born in Egypt but raised in Thailand.  Travelling to new places and creating videos being her hobby, Shahy started her career as a YouTube and Instagram influencer in 2015 to date with soaring followers.

SHAHY HAMDY, MISS GRAND EGYPT 2021, who represented Egypt in the world’s leading international beauty pageant; Miss Grand International 2021, has made the entire nation proud as she is not just a pretty face but a pretty mind, pretty heart and a pretty soul. A par excellence model, successful influencer, outstanding stewardess and also a diligent and engaged student Miss Hamdy, meticulously completed her graduation even when she was prepping up for Miss Grand Egypt 2021 contest.

To represent her birth country at the international level is a dream come true, as Shahy Hamdy believes “Our Dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”. Turning her dreams into reality through her hard work and passion Hamdy also bagged the title of first runner-up in Miss Elegance and got into the top 12 final contestants in Miss Elegant Prime 2021. Half of her beauty is her Brain and Shahy proves it beyond doubt by being a mental health advocate and also recently helping the Al Nas People’s Hospital, a children’s hospital to raise funds based on donations.

While juggling a full-time influencing and modelling career, Shahy is also committed towards chasing another dream of post-graduation as she plans to implement the knowledge and experience gained through her academic journey for the well-being of mankind, which is her central motive as a model, influencer and a graduand. Considering the imminent goals, devotion, service and demonstrated academic records, EIU, Paris is immensely proud to award full scholarship to Miss Shahy for MBA Degree Programme.

EIU, Paris stands tall for her devotion and perseverance and offering full scholarship for MBA to help her attain her vision is the unsurpassed way of celebrating her accomplishments. We believe her hard work, competitive and determined spirit will inspire our students, graduates, staff and the learners and professionals globally for “Successful People Are Not Gifted, They Just Work Hard, Then Succeed On Purpose”.

European International University, Paris ardently believes that success stories of great professionals encourage us and we all wish to emulate them on our journey of life. Furthermore, these stories reflect the depth of EIU’s core values, which is a significant way to celebrate professionals as a mark of honour and encouragement.

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