“Challenges are what makes life Interesting, Overcoming them is what makes life Meaningful”

“Challenges are what makes life Interesting, Overcoming them is what makes life Meaningful”

There are many students overcoming huge challenges to carve out their own success stories. European International University, Paris takes pride in sharing inspirational journey of one such outstanding student, also our alumnus, Mr. Abima Obim Abima, a native of Calabar, Nigeria.

Abima, a student of the founding batch of Masters of Business Administration Programme, European International University, Paris reached out to us requesting to pay the fee in easy instalments owing to his financial challenges. His Statement of purpose (SOP) being articulate, clearly reflected his progressive take on life, highly ambitious, enlightening beliefs and knowledge. Reviewing his SOP along with Abima’s meritorious academic and extra-curricular achievements, the admissions committee decided to consent to his request, additionally offering him with a fee waiver in order to lower his financial burden.

“Energy and persistence conquer all”, and Abima exemplified it by successfully completing his post-graduation with distinction. Not only this, he also aced the Research Project of his MBA specialisation i.e., Information Technology and Systems. EIU, Paris ardently believes “Education is an investment and no one should be deprived of the opportunity for higher education”. Our highest priority as a leading Business School is that EIU, Paris remains affordable and accessible to the most talented and persistent students, regardless of their financial circumstances, said Dr. Edward Roy Krishnan.

“Life is about accepting the challenges along the way, choosing to keep moving forward, and savoring the journey”, believes Abima whose academic journey did not end here. His commitment to excellence, passion and grit along with generous support from European International University, Paris, helped him turn another dream into reality as Glasgow Caledonian University, UK. offered him full scholarship to pursue PhD (Full time Research) in computing.

While celebrating his achievements during the conferral ceremony held by EIU, Paris, Mr. Abima shared “One of the most important things he has learned is to ask for help. Learning to have that courage, and asking for help is absolutely okay”. Expressing his sincere regards and gratitude towards EIU, Paris for unconditional support, Abima stated “I wouldn’t have what I have today if I didn’t ask EIU for help and that transformed my life”.

Heartiest Congratulations to Mr. Abima who created his own success story, despite all odds stacked against him.  EIU, Paris is proud of his determination, persistence and hard work and wishes Abima the best in all his future endeavours as he advances towards the highest level of academic excellence and career.

European International University, Paris keenly believes that the stories of grit and determination encourage and inspire us to overcome challenges in our own unique ways and win in life. Furthermore, these stories reflect the depth of EIU’s core values, which is a significant way to celebrate professionals as a mark of honour and encouragement.

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