European International University, Paris takes pride in celebrating the inspiring accomplishments of yet another student who has been conferred with the most esteemed Doctor of Business Administration award with specialization in Marketing from European International University, Paris.

Dr Chanantakanok Jatiyananda, is the director of BAC clinic, the world’s most advanced Skin Laser & Holistic Aesthetic Center in Bangkok. She is the driving force behind the success and growth of BAC. Her passion in Aesthetics and Wellness motivated her to pursue post-graduation in Aesthetic and Health at Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences KKU. Among her growing list of accomplishments, she has been awarded the prestigious CEO THAILAND award, 2017.  She has won thesis support scholarship for her thesis titled “The study of antioxidants activities and stability of niosome entrapped Phyllanthus emblica Linn. Fruit extracts with Excellent passed”. She also received thesis grant for Master degree student from The National Council of Thailand (NRCT). Dr. Chanantakanok also has a number of research publications to her credit out of which “Understanding the social media marketing activities influence on revisit intention in beauty clinics: The case study in Bangkok, Thailand: published in Asian administration and management review, volume 4 number 2  won her many accolades.

Dr. Jatiyananda worked hard and tirelessly to create the brand, career, home as well as a leading team that surrounds her. It is under her stewardship that BAC grew into one of the most respected and forward-thinking aesthetics clinic in Thailand. Consequently, she deserved to relax and enjoy the fruits of her dedication but, her passionate spirit directed her towards the accomplishment of another challenge of pursuing the Doctor of Business administration from European International University, Paris to ensure that the world sees her fierce, determined persona on both the inside and outside.

Her infectious enthusiasm for meeting new people and fascination by the ability to create long lasting relationships, her talents and abilities made her the shining gem in the aesthetics world.



Her clinical experience, administrative know how, positive attitude and ability to face challenges and opportunities that life throws is what makes European International University, Paris celebrate her accomplishments.

Dr. Chanantakanok Jatiyananda!!  “You’ve walked through valleys high and mountains low to get to that spot where you are standing now, and EIU, Paris is so proud of you”    

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    Conrgratulations! amazing read

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