Cognitive learning makes learning ongoing and engaging lifelong pursuit

Here’s all you need to know about it and through the lens of one of our cherished students Ong Ai Teng. 

But to proceed to that lets first understand what is mental health psychology? It involves learning and understanding the root causes of varied psychological disorders and problems while trying to come up with efficient solutions that could resolve them. Mental health issues stem from varied social, genetic or developmental issues, making the course highly dynamic in nature and sure to keep you hooked if you are someone who dreams of a career or simply enjoys understanding and helping people with mental health related issues. 

What is Mental Health and Psychology?

Mental health is a state of emotional and psychological well-being in which an individual is able to function in society, work productively and enjoy life. Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act as we cope with life. Psychological wellbeing refers to the positive aspects of mental health such as happiness, contentment, curiosity and enthusiasm for living. It involves developing coping strategies that enable us to manage stressors effectively while maintaining good physical health. Good mental health enables us to form healthy relationships with ourselves and others around us; it also allows individuals to make informed decisions about their lives based on sound judgement rather than fear or anxiety

There are varied benefits of mental health degrees ranging from personal to professional that one can maximize upon receiving this degree. The depth at which you learn skills, help you assess people through communication, empathy and observation which will help you regardless of the career you intend to pursue in the future. 

What is mental health management ?

Mental health management is a broad term that encompasses the techniques and strategies used to help individuals manage their mental health. It includes activities such as therapy, lifestyle changes, medications, and support groups. Mental health management can also involve developing coping skills to deal with stressors in life, setting healthy boundaries with others, practicing good self-care habits, and engaging in positive activities.

As we progress globally, a number of mental health issues are on the rise as mental health surfaces as a popular domain after multiple years of being suppressed. This opens up an entirely new domain in terms of career opportunities as the industry grows exponentially. So if you are someone that enjoys psychology and want to be pragmatic about a secure career choice, bachelors of science in mental health psychology might be perfect for you. Another domain of work that this degree opens up is mental health in the workplace wherein you can amalgamate these skills with the human resource department and specializes in ensuring a mentally positive workspace. 

Personal Coaching to assist you seek your True Path, Reach Your Goals for a Happier Life.

This master of science indeed allows one to excel in varied fields of their choice like therapist, a special education teacher, psychiatrist and even counselor. Our student, Ong Ai Teng, proves us absolutely right as she has used the master of science in mental health psychology degree from EIU- Paris MSMHP to boost the growth of her company Geranium Coaching. It offers varied domains like parent or life coaching and even academic training, as she has truly proved to be an exemplar of the exceptional career opportunities one can receive upon completing this degree. She has given varied talks and participated in seminars relating to topics like teaching children with cognitive issues and even parenting which the bachelors of science in mental health psychology has further propelled. 

Ong Ai Teng is an experienced educator and personal coach. She has been teaching for over 10 years, specializing in primary school English language and literature. She also holds Bachelors in Psychology. In addition to her experience as a teacher, Ong Ai Teng is also certified as a professional life coach. With her expertise in both education and coaching, she helps individuals to reach their fullest potential through customized programs that focus on mindset development, goal setting, self-discovery and overcoming limiting beliefs.

After having witnessed the success of our honorable student Ong Ai Teng we are reassured about that success follows with the accomplishment of this dynamic and interdisciplinary degree that keeps our students open to varied career opportunities and can even act as a catalyst in their understanding of mental health issues to make a positive impact to themselves their profession and their social lives.

Submitted by Student Apprentice Ms. Rea Shah – [email protected]

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