Educational Psychology. Sounds interesting doesn’t it ?

What is educational psychology ?

It involves the study of how people learn in classrooms and how different teaching methods impact learning. Because this domain is a study of behaviours, its vast enough to involve varied interesting conclusions and is becoming increasingly famous with institutions dedicated to improve learning for students that are tired of traditional learning methods.

Different teaching methods in learning can boost productivity and student motivation

If efficient, it can improve student motivation and even allow teachers to measure success which could greatly improve the studying experience for students across the globe. It is further divided into three branches- behavioural, cognitive and developmental. All these domains aim to optimize learning to the fullest and this might be more challenging than it sounds because all the methods proposed don’t work for each and every student. Educational psychology shines light on the important topic of classroom learning and is definitely the new career pathway that is set to pave its way into the future given the need for efficiency in our competitive world.

I may even go ahead with the analogy that educational psychology is the HR or the world of learning.

said’ Prof. Jaya Dudani
M.Com (Management), B.Ed. (Commerce & Economics), M.B.A. (Finance) Honorary Counselor

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