Female leadership is changing the world: The entrepreneurship of Yathrib Ali Mohammed

Entrepreneurs face enormous challenges in this generation. Although employment-providing businesses are the best solution to modern economies, starting one is still uphill for most people. The first thing is that in several countries the culture of entrepreneurship does not exist and this makes assuming the risk even greater. There is also the need to find financing and get around the bureaucracy so that the operation of the business can enter its legal course. However, a few want to face the obstacles and create value for themselves and their societies. Female leadership now is entering the new phase.

Yathrib Ali Mohammed is 27 years old, lives in Iraq and wants to start her own business. The prestigious European International University-Paris was the institution in which this outstanding student wanted to venture into her management studies.

Women’s leadership in a changing world

Upon graduating with her bachelor’s degree, Yathrib Ali Mohammed has managed to land several jobs that highlight her career path. Among them, she has been Filed reporter for ‘Doctors without borders’ (2018-2022), a Finance Administrative Assistant (2021-2022) and the Administrative Officer for ‘Shareteah Humanitarian Organization’ (SHO).

The NGO and corporate management landscape is changing. Women are playing an important role in shaping this future of business. They have the ability to multitask, be versatile in different areas, adapt in hostile environments, and sometimes they are even mothers and do not interrupt their careers.

If previously the majority of MBA students were men, today the trend is also changing. The data indicates that women already exceed 55% of the enrollment in countries like Spain, according to the magazine ‘Yo soy mujer‘ (‘I am a woman’). Although this progress is slow in many countries, the EIU-Paris is looking to make a significant contribution to empowering intelligent and talented women who want to be leaders in competitive environments.

The need for a solid business education at EIU-Paris

Yathrib Ali Mohammed already had her Bachelor of Arts from Al Hadbaa University College (Iraq), but she applied to and studied at EIU-Paris because a solid higher education in management is essential if anyone can ever aspire to have lasting and sustainable business success.

There are many issues that should be addressed before starting an entrepreneurship: How do you make a business plan? Is it important to have one for a company to be successful? What are the best platforms to sell online? Is it enough to have a good idea? How is financing obtained? These are some of the basic questions that entrepreneurs ask themselves before launching their own business. But many do not get the right answers and eventually have to close down their small or medium-sized entrepreneurships.

Through a Master of Business Administration, MBA, entrepreneurs can develop the necessary knowledge to carry out an exhaustive and in-depth analysis of the market and the competition in the sector in which they wish to carry out their venture. Not only this, but this outstanding postgraduate course can help you obtain the necessary tools to be able to make sound decisions regarding the future of the company and it will provide you with marketing skills to know how to properly promote your business to the general public.

Distance education is the future

Most business schools do not have their doors truly open to the public. They’re expensive, they require breaking everything down in our lives, and their locations make it impossible for busy people to thrive in their environments.

Distance education is the future. EIU-Paris offers excellent education in an accessible and affordable way, so that anyone with an Internet navigation device and the discipline to study can achieve their goals. Our business programs are designed to train tomorrow’s leaders, regardless of gender or background. We have a flexible approach for people to get trained in business, education and IT without interrupting their careers or quitting their family compromises. And self-paced learning is helping women in Iraq and around the globe to follow their dreams, just like it happened with Yathrib Ali Mohammed.

You also don’t have to bear the costs of going to Paris, London or New York to learn with live classes, when the EIU-Paris awards European degrees while you study at home. Although, if the student wishes, they can be part of one of our beautiful graduation ceremonies, just as Yathrib Ali Mohammed did when she joined our Convocation in Dubai -The Atlantis in July 2023.

“Life can be difficult for many and that is why I want to help through my humanitarian work and my entrepreneurship. The EIU-Paris has given me more tools to create a better future.”

said Yathrib speaking to Dr J Anand of EIU-Paris at the Convocation Ceremony in Atlantis Dubai

Submitted by Alessandro Odoardi [email protected]

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