An Ed-Tech platform for the masses – Pedagog

Technology has no doubt transformed the way we look at the world around us today. Every industry has had players which have initiated technological advancements and given benchmarks to others. Similarly, in the education world a not so new entrant is working callously in bringing transformation in this industry with very innovative and revolutionary advancements. […]

QUALITY HIGHER EDUCATION FOR ALL – a possibility, not just a dream!

Since its inception, the European International University (EIU-Paris) has prioritized the launch of high-quality tertiary education programmes at significantly affordable fees that enable the masses and the marginalized segments of societies worldwide to access good education. In particular, Online MBA fees are skyrocketing and some universities charge up to a staggering 200,000 US$ (Dollars) per [...]

EIU attracts More Academic Partners: This time, from the beautiful Philippines !

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Signing Ceremony between the President of the European International University - Paris, the President of Golden State College of General Santos City, and the President of St. Robert’s Global Education for trilateral initiatives on faculty and student exchange, research and development collaboration, as well as programme validation and certification purposes. The [...]

Communicating with Clarity and Impact

The ability to communicate effectively with both clarity and impact is one of the most powerful skills required for individual career development and success in the business world. The capacity to transmit clear and succinct messages that are easily decoded and understood is a highly desirable quality that can enable people to achieve their goals [...]

European International University featured on REUTERS

Read more: European International University (EIU) Adapts the Blockchain Technology In Transforming the Future of Learning The rise of modern technology provides tools in improving the future of learning. Virtual Reality and Machine learning as a teaching aid gives emphasis for experiential learning. Edutech market is now easier to access through the Global Decentralized [...]

2nd International Education Conference on Future of Education 2019 welcomes European International University (EIU) – Paris as Academic Partner

We would like to inform that European International University (EIU) Paris, France is an Academic Partner for 2nd International Conference on Future of Education 2019 which will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from 13th -14th June 2019. First 30 participants of the conference to enroll into EIU academic programmes will receive up to 70% discount […]

Behaviour Management in the Classroom

One the most challenging aspects of teaching is how to effectively manage behaviour in the classroom. It is not a new topic but one that has been debated for decades and, as a result, there are numerous books, publications, websites and journals available on the subject that all contain similar guidelines for teachers to pursue [...]