“Pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration: Challenges and Benefits”

In today’s insightful blog, as we discuss the success of yet another one of our honorable students, we will delve into the doctor of business administration (DBA) degree offered at EIU-Paris and what it entails along with its endless benefits that guarantee you to be one step above the already competitive business world. Before this, let’s discuss a little bit about our student and alumnus Mahmoud Ali Salah Al-Khassawneh who remains an excellent exemplar student that has used his DBA degree to boom his career. 

From holding plenty of academic qualifications like his certificate of appreciation from the governor of the Jordan central bank for his thesis on jordans economic reformation programs to achieving a high diploma in international relations, Dr. Mahmoud shows exquisite knowledge which was enhanced by his DBA degree from EIU-Paris. With work experience in his early years and building a strong foundation with education, Dr. Mahmoud is now successfully working at a highly valuable position of senior disbursement manager in a renowned company. 

Having a prestigious job like that of Dr. Mahmoud requires a certain benchmark of skills and standards that his DBA degree certainly helped him achieve. A DBA degree can lead to career advancement and increased earning potential. Employers value individuals with advanced education and training in business management and are more likely to offer promotions, salary increases, and other benefits to individuals with a DBA degree. Additionally, a DBA degree can open up new career opportunities in areas such as consulting, entrepreneurship, and academia.

Another advantage of a DBA degree is that it provides an individual with a deep understanding of business management, strategy, and leadership. This knowledge and understanding can be applied to various aspects of the business world, including marketing, finance, accounting, and human resources. With this comprehensive knowledge, individuals can make more informed decisions, develop effective strategies, and navigate complex business challenges with confidence. This is surely helpful if you aspire to be an executive manager at a company like Dr. Mahmoud one day. 

Unlike a traditional PhD in business administration, a DBA focuses on the practical application of business theory and research to solve real-world problems in the business world. Research and practical experience help an individual to gain more insights into how to operate and run a business. Today, at his job, Dr. Mahmoud oversees many responsibilities including organization for shop accounts, arranging contracts and solving disputes with customers. This requires skills beyonds just the theory of business management and with a DBA one can delve deeper into networking and their people skills as well. 

In conclusion, a DBA provides individuals with a deep understanding of business management, strategy, and leadership, enhances critical thinking, can lead to career advancement and increased earning potential. Dr. Mahmoud’s career remains an excellent example of this, proving that for those seeking advanced education and training in business management, a DBA degree is a worthwhile investment.

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