How online learning has proved revolutionary 

COVID-19 has surely impacted our lives in ways unimaginable to many of us, however, it has also forced some innovative methods of communication that are here to stay. Yes! You guessed it right, I’m referring to online learning. Since the pandemic went on for an entire year, it is only scary to think of what students would have done without the learning platforms available on their screens. But this isn’t the limit to its benefits.

Virtual learning provides flexibility. 

It allows people to communicate with each other from different parts of the world and all they require is internet access. This increases one’s ability to be able to participate in online courses or classes as being physically present takes more effort and time which could actually be utilized elsewhere. It’s also a great option for working people who cant balance these two aspects of their life. 

Reduced costs 

When studying online, the only resource you are utilizing is the institution’s expertise. This cuts costs of traveling, on campus living, expensive textbooks and materials.etc. allowing students on a budget a fair chance to quality education. This could be a smart choice for many since every year, students spend an average of $35000 on college and are often victim to debts. You could also learn from anywhere in the world while remaining close to your family at home which might be comforting to many international students. 

Free time 

When studying online, you could log in minutes before the class starts and complete course work at your own pace. This extends from flexibility to freer time to allocate to other activities. This reduces stress and burden of commuting, allowing students to have a more balanced routine where they can incorporate other activities that interest them as well. 

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Access to more resources 

When learning online, sky’s the limit. You will have access to multiple courses and plenty of resources from across the world, allowing you to learn from the best of the best and in the comfort of your own home. EIU-paris is a proud supporter of online learning and allows access to its expert-filled programs to everyone across the globe. 

As the trend to work remotely is on the rise, the trend to study remotely can be too!

Submitted by Student Apprentice Ms. Rea Shah – [email protected]

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