Harmony in Leadership: Fostering Creativity, and Transforming Education

In the pursuit of fostering a harmonious leadership environment, it’s important to navigate diversity, nurture creativity, and transform education holistically. This involves exploring the profound impact of creativity and collaborative leadership in writers’ groups on enhancing diversity, narratives, and the authorial experience. Expanding on how being an author and poet extends beyond a therapeutic endeavor, evolving into a powerful engagement that transcends traditional boundaries.

The narrative expands to bring awareness to the integration of mindfulness and emotional intelligence (EQ) for business students, emphasizing their role in enhancing harmony within diverse environments. In parallel, exploring the intersection of creative writing coaching within international schools, demonstrating how it becomes a catalyst for harmonious learning spaces. By encouraging diverse voices, storytelling, and creative expression, this approach not only nurtures individual talents but also fosters an environment where different perspectives are not only acknowledged but celebrated.

Furthermore, the importance of Neuroleadership and existential well-being in the context of learning and creativity. By integrating these elements in learning illuminates a path that not only nurtures individual growth but also fulfills the eight levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This comprehensive perspective acknowledges that a harmonious leadership environment is one that not only cultivates creativity and diversity but also prioritizes the well-being and fulfillment of all involved, creating an inclusive educational experience that goes beyond traditional boundaries and resonates with the multifaceted dimensions of human growth and development.

In essence, “Harmony in Leadership” is a global paradigm that recognizes the interconnectedness of diverse elements in developing empowerment, leadership, and holistic development globally.

Submitted by Bhavna Khemlani

Bhavna Khemlani is a lecturer at Bangkok School of Management. Bhavna responds to the flow of creative bridges, takes a plunge into the Heart-Growth Mindset of writing down the extraordinary and brings it a voice.
Bhavna Khemlani’s empowering journey entails being a University Lecturer (Educator), Poet, Author, Corporate Trainer, Academic & Creative Writing Coach, Researcher, Reiki Master Teacher, Existential Well-being Counseling – A Person-centered Experiential Approach, EQ/NLP & Mindfulness Practitioner.  Co-Leader of Bangkok Women Writers Group – BWWG. Co-founder of 360 Degrees Mind.Body.Spirit workshops. In the honor of BWWG 20 years celebration, ‘Rhythm of Missing Pieces’ Anthology was published in 2021 by I-Fah Publishing. Research Journal 2020 – The Impact of Reiki Treatments (Hands-on Energetic Healing) and Existential Well-Being Counseling in Reducing Stress and Improving the Well-Being and Quality of Life of Young People. One of her research projects, ‘Transitions in the healthcare systems in times of uncertainty exploring views by experts through Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence published 2018 received an International Award by the World Research Council (Research Ratna Awards 2019) for the outstanding contribution in the field of Research. Fiction Novels include: The Wagging Tale of Bliss- Reconnecting, The Classroom – Ashley & her Mystical Tale, Maples – Rejuvenating Cocktail etc.  Author – Editor of Anthology ‘Gratitude, Good News, & Guidelines’ 33 nonfiction stories from writers across the globe.

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