How a Doctorate is Transforming this HR Leader’s Approach

Dr. Mahalaxmi Bedi is a seasoned HR Leader with a diverse and extensive background in the
field, spanning 15 years of professional experience. Currently, she holds the position of Associate Director -HR at Whitespace Architects, a leading architectural and engineering firm. With a decade of her career dedicated to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), she has established herself as a respected and influential figure in the region’s HR landscape.

Mahalaxmi’s career journey has taken her through a wide range of industries, including
Information Technology, Healthcare, Automotive, Education, Construction, Oil and Gas, and
Architectural & Engineering. This diverse exposure has equipped her with a unique perspective on human resources and a deep understanding of the varying demands and nuances of different sectors.

Her primary areas of expertise and focus lie in Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, and
Talent Development. She firmly believes in the transformative power of recruiting exceptional
talents and nurturing their growth within an organization. Mahalaxmi is known for her
commitment to changing and impacting lives through her work. She is passionate about
identifying individuals with extraordinary potential and providing them with opportunities for personal and professional development.

At Whitespace Architects, Mahalaxmi plays a pivotal role in fostering a superlative work culture.
Her leadership style revolves around guiding and mentoring both internal and external
stakeholders. She understands the significance of aligning the workforce with the company’s
vision, and she has a clear vision of taking the organization to the next level. She recognizes that human resources play a vital role in building a strong team, and she is dedicated to empowering the workforce to achieve the company’s growth objectives.

Mahalaxmi is not just a Human resource expert; she is a catalyst for positive change within
organizations. Her unwavering commitment to recruiting top talent and nurturing their career
paths reflects her mission to elevate individuals and the organizations they serve. With her
strategic vision and profound understanding of HR’s role in organizational success,

Ms. Mahalaxmi Bedi is one of the few diverse professionals globally who was recently recognized and awarded Professional Doctorate in Human Resources Management by European International University-Paris recognised by European International University.

EIU-Paris Professional Doctorate being a terminal degree has testified and made me well-positioned to lead any organization into a future of sustained growth and excellence.

Dr Mahalaxmi Bedi

Awards of Recognitions won so far by Dr Bedi

Dr Bedi was featured by Global Woman Leader Magazine as ‘Top 10 Women HR Leader from UAE 2024’. Awarded for Most Iconic global HR leader – The Global HR Excellence Awards 2024 by World HRD Congress Awarded as Super HR Achiever – Middle East leadership award 2023 by World HRD Congress . During the ceremony Dr Bedi gave her message for aspiring women leaders/entrepreneurs

To the most beautiful Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs, I would say that
as you start your journey in leadership and entrepreneurship, I want to share some tips I’ve learned from working in global human resources. Your unique way of seeing things differently, and strong ability to bounce back from challenges are the keys to your success. Believe in yourself and be confident as you go forward. Connect with a diverse and supportive group of people, including mentors, colleagues, and fellow entrepreneurs. Keep learning all the time, adjusting to the changes in business and leadership.
Remember, success isn’t just about you; it’s also a chance to help others. Be a mentor and share what you’ve learned. Your journey isn’t just about reaching your own goals; it’s about making a better future for everyone. With bravery, passion, and a commitment to making things better, you have the power to create positive changes. Enjoy the journey, and may it be full of great success

Dr. Mahalaxmi Bedi

She is an exemplary Doctorate Graduate at EIU-Paris to learn from & look upto” – Summarizing Dr Bedi’s dedication in one sentence said Dr. J Anand of EIU-Paris in a recent Convocation Ceremony.

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