From Academic Excellence to Global Leadership: Panos’ Journey in Diplomacy, Business, and Inspiration


Dr. Panos Manolopoulos is the Chairman, Managing Partner and Board Director of the Dubai office and the main shareholder in Stanton Chase Middle East, Greater China, and Russia. He has been a member of the firm since 2003, and he has served as Global Practice Leader in CPS, Board Director Vice Chairman Regions, Vice President of EMEA, Board Director Vice Chairman Business Excellence and Global Practice Leader Board Services. He has been two times candidate for International Chairman of the Firm. He has also served as Chief Administrator of the University of Wales Swansea, Athens, and Managing Director of IKRP/RECON, one of the largest regional Law Consulting firms in Southeast Europe.

Dr. Panos completed Executive Education Programs at Harvard Business School, Wharton Business School, Cornell University, and Cambridge University. Additionally, he graduated from the American European Academy in Austria as a scholar from the Council of Europe and the European Academy in Sweden, JCI, where he served as a National President for Greece. He is also a Fellow, with a Distinguished Fellowship, in Hult International Business School.

Panos holds an undergraduate degree in International Relations from the American University of Athens, Cum Laude and a master’s degree with distinction from the University of Lancaster in Diplomacy. His thesis received special recognition from the Hellenic Ministry of National Defense. He also holds a postgraduate diploma from the Officers Academy (ranked 1st), Ministry of National Défense on Economics/Strategic Defense. He also holds a Professional Doctorate in International Business from the European International University in Paris. Also, he has served as Board member in CEO Clubs, Rotary International in Dubai, SP Jain School of Management and recently as President of AHEPA, the oldest Association of Hellenes abroad.
He has published various articles and white papers internationally on financial and business issues, participated in global Business Conferences as a keynote speaker, and contributed to a number of online presentations globally. He has also been a guest speaker in several Universities in the region. Under his leadership Stanton Chase offices received multiple awards. During his tenure as Board Director of the firm he has concluded major agreements (NASDAQ) and led a number of big projects with the Governments in the Middle East and GCC.

Panos is an Author of a Book titled “Inspiration:

The How to Guide for Future Leaders to Achieve Victory. He has lived permanently under golden visa in Dubai since 2007 with his family. INSPIRATION is a book for future leaders who would be “inspiring the inspirers”. This book is inspired in line with the Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s famous 3 fingered victory salute.

21st century leaders must be motivated to succeed, have the ambition to be victorious and the drive to leave a legacy by sharing the love. As future leaders we have a responsibility and we all have the opportunity available to us to achieve greatness that has no bounds

Dr. Panos Manolopoulos

Comprehensive academic background, including a Professional Doctorate in International Business from EIU-Paris”

A professional doctorate offered by the European International University (EIU-Paris) is one of the highest award in which the candidates go through a series of rigorous audit and evaluation of their personal and professional profiles and accomplishments along with significant contributions to society. In the French education system, this is popularly known as the VAE or Validation des Acquis de l’Expérience. The VAE is a procedure used to assess and recognize prior learning outcomes, consequently allowing any French educational institution to grant degrees partly or completely based on one’s substantiated work experience.

Focus: It typically emphasizes practical applications and applied knowledge within a specific field, such as business administration (DBA), education (Ed.D.), or psychology (Psy.D.). This contrasts with a traditional PhD, which usually delves deeper into theoretical research and contributing to academic knowledge.

“Obtaining a leadership doctorate in International Business at this stage in my life feels like a fitting capstone to a career built on continuous striving. The publication of my story, detailing the path to success, leaves a lasting legacy.


Their professional doctorate programs acknowledge the recipient’s extensive experience and expertise in their field, rather than focusing solely on traditional doctoral-level research.

Professional Doctorate from EIU-Paris via VAE (Validation des Acquis de l’Expérience) acknowledges and takes into account the actual translation of knowledge and expertise into real life application and contributions to society which makes it more prevailing than a traditional PhD with limited research (very narrow) and eventually the thesis sits on university shelf collecting dust. said ky. Col. Prof. Dr. Edward Roy Krishnan of EIU-Paris

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