How can a doctoral degree help in the career of executives?

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a terminal business focused degree that provides practical knowledge about applied theories with real-world benefits. DBA equips the person with critical analysis and problem-solving skills, enabling one to qualify for senior most managerial and leadership roles in leading companies.

DBA is different from Ph.D. programs as the latter mainly focuses on the development of new theories, analysing and challenging the older ones that are mainly related to economics, business, public administration, consulting and management, etc. The Ph.D. doctors, therefore, opt for careers in public and private institutions as educationists, researchers, consultants, and decision-makers. On the other hand, the DBA programs limit their focus on challenging the practical knowledge acquired in the business, management and leadership careers and developing new skills through extensive academic research.

Doctor of Business Administration is beneficial as the DBA graduates are in demand because of their highly developed management and leadership skills and their dedication and commitment to acquiring professional proficiency. This degree also provides multiple career opportunities for the executives as DBA graduates are sought after in every field including government and private sectors. The DBA programs are generally designed for working professionals and are flexible to meet the working lifestyles of executives. Most programs are mostly offered online so the students do not have to leave their current jobs. Only a small period is required for networking events, workshops, etc.

There are various career pathways that DBA graduates can pursue. Because of their strong research and analytical skill, they can get the high-level data analysis and market research roles in any industry. The entrepreneurial skills can help them in starting their own businesses while the problem-solving capabilities and practice during their research studies can help them acquire consultancy roles in leading companies.

The highly developed research, problem solving and analytical capabilities are valued by the government sector as well, and, therefore DBA graduates are also offered top positions in the marketing, research, and finance departments by the government.

If a DBA graduate wants to switch fields and pursue a career in the education sector, their training provides them with teaching abilities that are necessary to educate the next generation about business skills.

Besides the academic DBA there is another distinct feature which is the more celebrated and acknowledged version known as The Honorary Doctorate of Business Administration. The Honorary DBA is awarded to individuals as an acknowledgment to the ones who have contributed significantly to their community in their specialized field. Hon. DBA is presented to appreciate those individuals who selflessly and devotedly served their nation in their field of proficiency. These individuals are carefully selected based on the difference that their contributions have brought to society, which included health, education, policy, and human capital development and governments. As the Hon. DBA is presented to senior individuals mostly therefore the education and professional experience are also considered for their selection. EIU-Paris (European International University) has presented Honorary doctoral to distinguished senior individuals from all over the world in order to recognize and acknowledge their contributions to the society.

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