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Meet Charlotte Ijang Nanga, Entrepreneur

 Charlotte is a creative communicator with a huge entrepreneur mindset dedicated to producing results. She is a Cameroonian woman and holds a Bsc. in Environmental science, a post graduate teaching diploma, a diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and currently working on an MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain management. She has a versatile and uniquely dynamic in her approach to solving problems. She also teaches and is a business owner.

 As a teacher, her classrooms are usually very engaging and she lets her students do a lot of collaborative learning. Learners in her classrooms have proven to produce results following the guidelines and techniques she provides. Her style in education is to enable the learners to find the root cause of whatever problems they were trying to solve.  Being a learned and innovative personality with a business mindset Charlotte always wanted to start her own mega brand and a leading business.

She had a great idea which she wanted to put in production for some time. She found the right time during the early days of covid and started her ecommerce hair business with just $300 capital investment to begin with.

 She carefully planned the niche for her Hair products business named Sassy’s Natural Hair & entered the already existing market with a huge price slash. This strategy helped her to sell fast and hence gain some capital which she reinvested in her new business and further learning.

Eiu Grad

This business was single handily designed by her and because of the effective management, plus her financial success within a short time, Charlotte is now been approached by investors to invest for a certain equity in it and buy shares in her company.

 Having understood her niche market very well, she provides hair products and accessories in different hair styles from Straight, to the different types of Waves, kinky curly, and Kinky- straight. Our hair comes in different shades so the client can have a variety of hair colours to choose from.

With the business on the growth stage, it demanded more resources and knowledge to manage the business more efficiently and for this reason Charlotte being an entrepreneur knew that to scale things better in business she had to learn the management skills in order to overcome the challenges in the competition, logistics and running a complete online ecommerce store and thus she chose to upgrade her skills by enrolling to an MBA from EIU-Paris. She has chosen to do her specialisation in logistics and supply chain management as this is one of the most important areas affecting the online only b2b and b2c store

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 On a recent conversation with her, Charlotte said, ”We are working to develop our online stores even further, complete my MBA & expand in different territories and do more sales & introduce franchising”

All the very best I said to her splendidly!

Written & interviewed by Dr J Anand

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