From Grad to Lead: New Teacher Takes Charge in Kindergarten

The relevance of teachers

Being a teacher represents one of the most rewarding professions that exist in the world. Occupying a position where knowledge, experience, and virtue can be transmitted to other human beings is a privilege that few can understand.

Today the relevance of this profession is becoming stronger than ever… For most thinkers it is undeniable that access to education is a factor for social mobility and having a better life. Without teachers, it is impossible to carry out the educational process that could lead young people to have opportunities for personal growth. According to the American Enterprise Institute (2020), “over half of low-income students who enrolled at public and nonprofit universities moved up to one of the highest two income quintiles by the time they reached their early 30s.”

This means that a proper education opens doors for people from different backgrounds and life perspectives to achieve far-reaching career goals. So, how could we build these opportunities without education? And what is education without teachers?

“Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best.”

Bob Talbert

Ms. Raichel Immanuel’s leadership in early child education

Ms. Raichel Immanuel began her career in education as a kindergarten teacher. This represented an enormous challenge for her, since in her role she had to guide the children to develop their early skills to develop as conscious and thinking individuals. For the Government of New South Wales (2024), “High quality early childhood education and care gives children the best start in life.” This stage gives children the tools to develop their brains, make friends, make independent decisions, and transition to education at more advanced routes of learning.

In that sense, it is essential to have enormous pedagogical dedication to take advantage of the potential of students, as well as a high sense of emotional responsibility when leading them to leave their absolute emotional dependence on parents to take the first steps towards a mentality with their own personality.

The opportunity to nurture and guide young minds during their formative years fills me with immense joy and purpose.

Ms. Raichel Immanuel

Being entrusted with the responsibility of shaping their early educational experiences is both a privilege and a rewarding journey. I am committed to creating a supportive and stimulating environment where every child can thrive and discover their unique talents. It’s truly a role that resonates with my heart and soul.”

And as if that were not enough, Ms. Raichel Immanuel not only satisfied herself with the task of giving the little ones at the Ryan International School (Sharjah) the best possible training, but she took her career further by showing leadership and serving as Head of Kindergarten.

Good teachers keep learning

If a good teacher knows anything, it is that the learning process never ends. A person who manages education must be able to continue educating themselves throughout their career. Ms. Raichel Immanuel knew that her promotion at Ryan International School, Sharjah as Head of Kindergarten would be complicated to manage and you had to have an open mind to understand new things. She herself said that “Transitioning from a nursery teacher to the head of kindergarten was undoubtedly a challenging yet incredibly rewarding journey. The shift from direct classroom interaction to a leadership role required adapting to new responsibilities, managing diverse tasks, and fostering a holistic educational environment “

One of the most important decisions she has made in this important step in her growth as a leader is to study at the European International University, Paris. With a rich academic environment, the knowledgeable staff members’ advice, and the priceless resources offered to further my education, students in our Bachelor of Education program extend their knowledge in different areas of relevance to the learning process while applying the knowledge in their work environments.

EIU-Paris Graduate’s Leading a Kindergarten

The Bachelor of Education program at EIU-Paris helps boost and heighten the international profile of our students. Just as Ms. Raichel Immanuel has done, it is possible to study a rigorous online program without leaving aside those life goals that maintain the momentum of our existence. Without high tuition fees, obtaining a prestigious European degree can be done from home. “Being a part of EIU-Paris and pursuing my BEd has been a very rewarding experience.

The opportunity to learn and grow at such an eminent university fills me with joy and gratitude”,

Ms. Raichel Immanuel

If you only want to teach children to count, that’s OK. If you want to teach them what counts, then look no further than the BEd. Programme at EIU-Paris and lead the way for the education of tomorrow.

Submitted by Alessandro Odoardi

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