Show Your EIU Pride: A Look at the European International University Merchandise Store

For students, alumni, and fans of European International University (EIU-Paris), the University Merchandise Store at EIU-Paris now offers a one-stop destination to showcase your EIU pride. Whether you’re currently enrolled or fondly remember your time at EIU, the store boasts a variety of merchandise and memorabilia to suit every taste.

Gear Up for Success

The EIU – Paris shop offers a selection of classic university apparel, with currently offering sweaters, sweat shirts, regalia’s & a few more gifts. You’ll find them emblazoned with the EIU logo, mascot and various college slogans. These comfortable staples are perfect for everyday wear, showing your EIU spirit wherever you go.

Beyond the Basics

Looking for something a little more unique? The EIU shop in future will also carry hats, bags, mugs, and other accessories featuring the university’s branding. These items make great souvenirs or gifts for fellow EIU-Paris enthusiasts. You can also find items for everyday use, like pens, notebooks, and water bottles, all adorned with the EIU logo โ€“ a subtle way to represent your school.

Commemorate Your Achievements

The EIU-Paris shop might offer diploma frames, class rings, and other keepsakes to commemorate your academic achievements. These personalized items are a great way to remember your time at EIU and all the hard work you’ve put in.

Finding the EIU Shop

The easiest way to browse the EIU shop’s selection is likely through the website ( Here you can browse at your leisure, check item availability, and order for delivery.

Supporting EIU

By purchasing merchandise from the EIU shop, you’re not just getting a cool new item โ€“ you’re also supporting the university. Proceeds from sales may go towards funding scholarships, student programs, or other university initiatives.

So, whether you’re a current student, a proud alumnus, or just a fan of EIU, the EIU shop has something for you. Visit the shop and show your EIU-Paris colors today!

Offer for Alumni Association Members

Upto 30% discount on all Merchandise for Alumni Members. Now this is another great reason to join the esteemed Association now.

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