To be a leader, it’s better to think like a leader: Dr Tan Yong Ee’ Strategies for Effective Leadership

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Crafting an effective leadership that is personal and professional

Despite the huge amounts of money spent on leadership development, few organizations appear to be satisfied with their talent management. Many companies still struggle to effectively develop leaders within the organization. And this makes all the sense in the world: how can a business survive if it does not have people capable of leading the changes that are needed? This makes it relevant to go to those who have worked with promising results in creating or improving human leadership.

Dr Tan Yong Ee is one of these experts. He is highly regarded in the field of behavioural assessment techniques and personal coaching. As the founder of DISC Talent and as a personal coach, he has helped numerous organizations, improve engagement and collaboration, build effective teams, resolve conflicts, increase sales and many other features. The universal DISC behavioral assessment model has played a major role in his success and has been researched and validated for decades. To date, Dr Tan Yong Ee has conducted more than 2,000 assessments and trained employees from more than 70 companies, a testament to his professional experience in the field.

To take a closer look on his work, Dr. Tan Yong Ee has helped organizations to adopt DISC behavioral psychology for team management and leadership. The significance of comprehending DISC behavioral types and the Platinum Rule, as well as how to use them effectively in both work and daily life, is emphasized in his conferences, recommendations and practical techniques. Leaders may enhance team dynamics, become more productive, and build their emotional and interpersonal intelligence by grasping these ideas. The goal is to assist people in succeeding in both their personal and professional life.

Leading by example and delivering results

It would be useless to have an incredible theory if it were not effective in the personal life of those who preach it… It is of great importance to highlight that Dr Tan Yong Ee has led by example. In addition to his work with a leading company he being a multi talented entrepreneur founded two companies named MK Sports- A sports, gifts & Souvenirs company in 2013 and SUMO BIZZ in 2017. These ventures showcase his business spirit and love for innovation. Moreover, he has been honoured as part of Malaysia Influential Educators 2022 and Successful People in Malaysia 2023, and also a HRD Corp TTT Certified Trainer, further demonstrating his significant impact in the education and business communities.

In addition to his professional achievements, Dr Tan Yong Ee is actively involved in several business organisations. He is the Vice Chairman of the Melaka Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Secretary of the Melaka Gifts and Entrepreneur Association. These roles and recognitions reflect his contributions to promoting the growth and development of the business community, as well as cementing his reputation as a prominent figure in the field of behavioural assessment techniques.

Transforming lives in the world of martial arts

Dr Tan Yong Ee enjoys various activities such as taekwondo, jogging, badminton and reading. His spiritual moments are linked to the unwavering support of his family, especially his parents, sister and wife, who have been a source of strength and encouragement during his struggles.

Dr Tan won a remarkable National Taekwondo Championship on 30 August 2003. This remarkable achievement demonstrates his talent, dedication and pursuit of excellence in sports along side his professional career.

Producing applied scientific knowledge with the EIU-Paris

Dr Tan’s quest for knowledge and continuous growth led to his decision to pursue a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) with a specialization in Marketing. The programme provided him with the invaluable opportunity to delve into advanced marketing strategies, research and analytical skills, effective communication techniques and strategic thinking. By applying these newly acquired skills to his gift and business, he will further enhance its success in the digital age.

“With EIU-Paris, I had all the tools and support from my tutors to turn my life’s work into advanced applied research. I know that the value of my work has increased by contributing to the scholarship of the world of business, marketing and strategic leadership.

Dr Tan Yong EE

His doctoral dissertation is available on EIU-PUBLICATIONS LIBRARY, and it was published on the subject of “DISC Behavioural Psychology Factors and Strategies For Management Teams and Leadership: Theory and Practice.” In order to give the reader useful tools and abilities, this research combines psychological theory with real-world case studies. By helping people get a deeper understanding of both themselves and others, they are able to manage teams more effectively, advance their careers, and have more fruitful daily interactions.

“We congratulate Dr Tan Yong EE on this achievement & growth in the realm of Academics and wish him continued success in his future professional and personal endeavours. His commitment to excellence and learning has set an example for others to follow as an outstanding influencer and educator in Malaysia and beyond.”

Dr. J Anand
effective leadership

EIU-Paris DBA Program – “Transformative Pathway to a Brighter Future: Excelling in Knowledge Management Strategies and Diverse Business Fields”

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Our esteemed faculty, composed of high-caliber professors, will guide and support you on your research journey, empowering you to achieve the prestigious title of Doctor of Business Administration. We equip our graduates with essential tools and skills to navigate complex business challenges, driving meaningful change and innovation in their respective industries.

Don’t settle for mediocrity; instead, shine with the European International University in Paris. Like Dr. Tan Yong EE an outstanding DBA graduate from our strategy management program, you can inspire and motivate others to strive for excellence. Your brilliance will be recognized and celebrated as you impact the world around you.

The EIU-Paris DBA Program is your gateway to a brighter future, where you can advance your knowledge, grow your expertise, and make a lasting impact on the business landscape. Embrace the opportunity to rise to new heights and achieve greatness with our esteemed faculty and transformative educational experience.

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Dr Tan Yong EE

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