“You have inspired – and continue to inspire, to dig deep for answers, to not settle for “good enough.”

European International University-Paris takes pride in presenting the inspiring accomplishments of Dr. Ho Quoc Nam, who has been awarded with “Honorary Professorship in Public and Business Administration”.  A well-deserved honor!

Dr. Ho Quoc Nam has served as Vice-Chairman of the Vietnam Red Cross organization’s sponsor council, as well as Ambassador at Large to Southeast Asian Nations, where he represents the Māori government of Aotearoa (New Zealand) to promote the state’s cultural, financial, economic, and social relations, as well as to arrange for the registration of the state’s Māori central bank with the relevant monetary authority in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries.

Dr. Ho Quoc Nam has a Bachelor of Commerce from Australia, and two master’s degrees & a Doctorate from renowned universities in the United Kingdom. As an experienced, strategic, and solution-oriented political economist and Business leader, Ambassador Ho Quoc Nam brings many years of extensive professionalism to the public and private sectors. He is equipped with excellent communication skills, a strong work ethic, and leadership abilities including a long list of impressive career accomplishments at the worldwide level as the following:

  1. Ambassador At Large For Southwest Asian Nations for Māori Government of Aotearoa (New Zealand).
  2. Country Director Viet Nam, Lao PR, and Cambodia at The Global Diplomatic Council.
  3. Vietnam Chapter President at Government Blockchain Association.
  4. Delegate For Vietnam at Global Chamber of Business Leaders. www.gc-bl.org
  5. Board of Directors for Axxinvestment Groups as a World Business Gateway and Global Finance & Investment Troubleshooter: www.axxinvestment.com.
  6. Founder and Director of Investment and Trade Promotion Center For Vietnam – Asian & GCC (DuBai, UAE)

Your work exemplifies “the rich tradition of non-traditional thinking” that we value here at EIU-Paris. You are the guiding light for all of us and we wish to follow in your footsteps.

Heartiest Congratulations on this tremendous and well-deserved achievement! You are so deserving of this recognition.

“You have inspired – and continue to inspire, to dig deep for answers, to not settle for “good enough Said Dr Edward Roy Krishnan while conferring the most coveted Honorary Professorship (Public & Business Administration) to Dr. Ho Quoc Nam in a private event

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