Mostafa’s Journey Towards Success-Aim for the moon and land among the stars

Starting his career with AELBA Shipping after getting his degree in Science-Commerce with a major in accounting from Ain Shams University, Mostafa Ahmed Mahmoud Abdelgawad is a student of EIU, Paris doing his MBA in Finance currently. The determination and focus of Mostafa has led him towards pursuing the higher degree in business while he was already excelling in his career. He has reached to this pivotal point with his exceptional hard work and passion for his work. While working with AELBA, Qatar Star Holding, QD-SBG and Essa Al Sulaiti Law firm, he enhanced his skills in financial reporting, fixed asset management, cost control, internal auditing, budgeting, claim management, inventory analysis and much more. During 12+ years of experience, from gaining proficiency in different organisational aspects to having increased efficiency in various fields of finance and accounting, he aced it all.

The versatility of the skills and proficiencies, Mostafa has achieved during his career has enabled him to gain leading manageability role in top organizations, and with an MBA in finance along with an excellent experience of over 12 years, Mostafa will be able to pursue his dreams.

Mostafa had an outstanding experience in finance and accounting and had been able to gain proficiency in the financial and account matters. He was able to restructure the finance department with in a short period of ony 10 months which not only increased the overall efficiency of the company but also helped in the long term development on sustainable basis. Accounting discrepancies were also reduced as a result of the restructuring of the company.

He was also able to reach the lowest level for cost control according to the company’s target, by designing an advanced electronic accounting system to the firm for the organization and creation of daily entries along with creation of an accounting chart that is commensurate with the nature of the technical work.

His mindfulness and right strategies has helped to reduce the project costs. Mostafa has got the characteristics of a true leader who does not only give instructions and manages the accounting teams, but takes his staff along with him by providing them with constant training and guidance.

His innovative designs and strategies have helped to improve overall efficiency of the companies he had worked with globally and during his journey Mostafa did not concentrate only on the practical work but also worked to enhance his capabilities and expertise through various courses, diplomas and degrees. These include ISO management courses, studying forecasting using financial statements, accounting foundations and Human Resources Management diploma. Currently he is all set to enhance his knowledge and capabilities through MBA finance from EIU-Paris which is a higher education institution dedicated to provide business and management education to the motivated, passionate and ambitious individuals.

Masters in Business Administration (Finance) is going to boost anyone’s career by providing multiple opportunities as an advisor or consultant for government as well as private organizations, senior executive or leading financial decision making senior roles in top companies across the globe.

Said Mostafa Ahmed Mahmoud Abdelgawad in a recent dialogue with Dr Anand of EIU-Paris

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