A leadership philosophy that’s been around for centuries is practiced by only a few successful global leaders

A leadership philosophy that's been around for centuries is practiced by only a few successful global leaders

“A leadership philosophy that’s been around for centuries is practiced by only a few successful global leaders”. European International University, Paris, takes pride in presenting inspiring accomplishments of one such successful leader Dr. Sanjay Ramniklal Thakrar, currently the Head of Global Operations and leading trade finance specialist of Euro Exim Bank Ltd., London.

SANJAY RAMNIKLAL THAKRAR, Global Operations Head EURO EXIM BANK LTD. has been awarded with PROFESSIONAL DOCTORAL CERTIFICATE in BANKING & MANAGEMENT by European International University, Paris for his outstanding and exemplary contributions to society through the field of banking, trade & finance, Corporate Social Responsibility & Leadership.

Dr. Thakrar has always been driven by a sense of mission and encouragement as a financial expert over the years and stands tall for his accomplishments. He exhibits keen knowledge of finance and technological platforms across multiple business domains and has the ability to work at all levels- from end users and stakeholders to Board level.

His accomplishments occur through a range of activities including, but not limited to:

  • Directed the launch of the Bank’s operations in India, Singapore, Zambia and Dubai, thereby successfully increasing its market share by forty per cent.
  • Established a group of affiliate Non-banking Finance companies under the banner of Century finance & expanded the group’s clientele within Europe & developed new markets in North America and Africa.
  • Headed Global Trade Finance at Soleil Chartered Bank. Responsibility for brokering trade finance solutions within UK and beyond.
  • Developed UK markets for and on behalf of US and Singaporean financial institutions.
  • Under his stewardship, his previous company Eden West turnover from distributing premium brand perfumes grew 16-fold to 5 million pounds in just four years.
  • At the age of 32, Sanjay had independently founded the American Snack Food Co.

An experienced and technically proficient financial industry professional, Sanjay holds a Bachelor of Science and MBA degree from United States International University, Europe. He has a unique perspective of both Technical & Corporate requirements & is keen not only on growth in revenue and market share but participation and contribution to strong CSR programs too. His relentless focus on Doing what’s right for ALL and a commitment to conscious leadership is what earned him this prestigious Doctoral award.

During the conferral ceremony in his acceptance speech, Dr. Thakrar showered his gratitude towards EIU, Paris for lauding his dedication to financial industry and stated it was a great honor to receive the highest level of excellence through PDC award in Banking & Management. He moved the attendees by motivating them to “Take the opportunities as they come along and Believe in Yourself as you can do anything you want to but above all be kind as you do it”.

I will continue contribute to knowledge, financial industry, economic and social advancement following my doctoral award and wish to pursue as a globally focused and socially engaged leader. Dr Thakrar said

EIU, Paris is immensely pleased to wish Dr. Thakrar the best in his future endeavours. It is his hard work and diligence that has earned him this award and recognition in the financial sector.

The Professional Doctoral Certificate is EIU’s most coveted Grand & Global level Professional Doctoral Certificate and is granted to high-profile figures who have made a significant contribution to their field of expertise. These figureheads provide inspiration to our students, graduates and staff and to the learners globally.  We are proud to recognise the achievements of professionals across a broad range of specialisations.

EIU, Paris firmly believes that success stories of great professionals motivate us and we all wish to emulate them on our journey of life. Furthermore, these stories reflect the depth of our Professional Doctoral Certificate award which is a significant way to celebrate professionals from various specialisations as a mark of honour and encouragement.

Tina Yang is a senior writer at EIU-PARIS. Email Tina at [email protected]

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