“I’ve lived one life already; I’ve lived one dream. And now I’m here to realize another.”

I’ve lived one life already; I’ve lived one dream. And now I’m here to realize another

Meet Dr. Silva Kumar, General Manager, Service & Eng Systems, AP GFFP wrapping up his Professional Doctoral Certificate Award in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – EIU-Paris. Dr Kumar who has many esteemed qualifications in his career has always been ascending in the corporate world because of a single mindset in his approach in business which is his great focus and emphasis on social responsibility as a corporate.

Dr Kumar having handled, managed, coached and influenced various projects and positions in his career lifetime has a simple approach when it comes to an overall running of a corporation.

“I want to know why things are the way they are, and how we can steer humanity in the right direction,” In a senior position, I’ll need to understand the history the organisation I am serving along with its employee morale’s. This will govern my approach towards where we want to reach as a company”

Dr Silva Kumar had meetings with the director of EIU-Paris Dr Edward Roy Krishnan and the Dean of business school Professor Dr. Joel Farnworth  and was overwhelmed to discover the similar thought of the University leaders on their approach to CSR. Professor Joel added that Businesses that practice corporate social responsibility aim to improve communities, the economy or the environment. In today’s socially conscious environment, employees and customers place a premium on working for and spending their money with businesses that prioritize CSR & one of the examples was Kumar’s approach in his organisation.

With his conversations regarding the topic Dr silva thought & decided to take the next step in advancement of his already extensive career by applying to the EIU’s Professional doctorate which obviously has certain strict entrance and criteria’s to be met and has stringent application process based on managerial/leadership experiences, research skills, existing publications and reference portfolios.

Having met all the University criteria,  It was most importantly a passion in helping others that drove him to qualify for the Honorary doctorate in CSR and Social Services. With the completion of the rigorous application and checks Dr Kumar was awarded the doctorate.

Honestly it has  meant a lot to me and I only wished my dad was around to see this. I used my applications knowledge from my 25 years work experience in food processing along with major write ups in applications for 3 books on food processing industry.  I dedicate this to continuous education and wanting to learn and push excellence along with the mentors at EIU-Paris . Dr Kumar Stated

“What people think about your company is critical to its success,” Kumar told Tina Yang Senior writer at EIU-Paris. “By shaping a positive image that you trust in, you can make a name for your company as being socially conscious & responsible.”

Tina Yang is a senior writer at EIU-PARIS. Email Tina at [email protected]

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  1. Tnx Tina for the well written profile of Dr Silva Kumar. You have got from him the gist of his personal value, namely, the challenge of imbibing in continuous education; all of us should cultivate this in us religiously.


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