Choosing the right Business School

Choosing the right Business School

On a recent morning, after moving on to a newer role in Dhahran Techno Valley as a group Financial controller Mohamed Rehab an MBA graduate of  European International University sat to write thank you notes to the people who had supported his academic journey.

 I was up until midnight because there were so many people without whom this wouldn’t have happened,” he says. “I’m really, truly lucky to have had so many terrific mentors throughout my time at EIU-Paris – professors and grad students, friends and family.

Last fall, I began my journey to a Master’s  program in Business Administration and Management at EIU-PARIS.  I  knew I  wanted to grow my career along with a highest demanding job as a corporate board member in a leading company. I had mixed views about how would it be possible in my job having to spend the time doing research and learning mix of complex modules while at work. But As soon as i got in touch with the University mentors I knew I was definitely going for it!

“I think that all subjects are deeply related, and that I could have picked any and found a meaningful education in them, “I think of every field as a different way to understand the same shared reality, as if the many majors at EIU-Paris are, in the words of poet Lisel Mueller, ‘islands that are the lost children of one great continent.’”

“A professor once told me, ‘I cannot teach you, I can only say things that inspire you to learn,’” Mohamed Rehab recalls. “In the same spirit, the goal of EIU-PARIS isn’t directly to teach the students who attend, but rather to get them excited about learning in the future. The best way for teachers to do that is to share what they themselves are excited about learning, and that’s what I tried to do with my classes.”

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