Strategic HR & Business Partnership 2021

Strategic HR & Business Partnership 2021

Today’s HR professionals require a strong functional acumen coupled
with a strategic skillset and mindset that allows them a seat at the
business table in order to create workplaces that attract and retain
great talent. Setting and implementing the people agenda successfully
involves partnering with business leaders to guide change, drive employee
engagement and create environments that stretch and develop talent
with more diverse backgrounds and expectations than ever before.
This 2 day Master Class will take participants through the key models
that underpin strategic HR, and are critical in the development of future HR leader.

Exclusive Digital Master Class (Via Microsoft Teams)

Benefits of Attending:

  1. How to develop HR strategy that is aligned to the business strategy Head of HR
  2. How to develop a StrategicWorkforce Plan as part of this process Senior HR Professionals
  3. How to ensure the identification, attraction, retention and effective management of people HR Business Partners
  4. through talent management systems and processes Talent Executives and Managers
  5. How to engage employees through building a culture of inclusiveness and opportunity Organisational Development Executives and
  6. How to manage a multi-generational workforce
  7. Understanding the Employer Brand and the Employee Value Proposition
  8. The benefits of coaching and mentoring
  9. Emotional Intelligence in an HR Context
Who Should Attend?

Directors and Executives , Head of HR, Senior HR Professionals, HR Business Partners, Talent Executives and Managers, Organisational Development Executives and Managers, Head of Administration, Head of Learning & Development HR Managers

Course Leader:

Prof. Joel Farworth, Dean of Management Studies at EIU-Paris. 


2nd Annual Strategic HR & Business Partnership

Sample Certificate:

StrategicHR-&-Business-Partnership-Sample Certificate

Strategic Leadership

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