Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Signing Ceremony between the President of the European International University – Paris, the President of Golden State College of General Santos City, and the President of St. Robert’s Global Education for trilateral initiatives on faculty and student exchange, research and development collaboration, as well as programme validation and certification purposes. The event was also attended by other members of the respective institutions.

Both Golden State College of General Santos City as well as St. Robert’s Global Education communicated their fascination with EIU-Paris’ bold plans to integrate the blockchain technology and self-executing smart contracts to build the Learn OnLine education platform (LOL) that would be decentralized, inclusive, significantly cost effective hence affordable, private and secure, yet transparent.

While they have signed MOUs with countless other education and industry partners, they expressed that EIU-Paris is the first and only one that is truly progressive, practical, and provides the World’s Most Affordable higher education options, particularly with its signature 1,499 Euro ONLY fee for a nationally recognized and internationally accredited M.B.A. with 15 different specializations.

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