How to take full advantage of the EIU Careers Team during your MBA

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]“I absolutely recommend new students to contact the EIU Careers team early on to take full advantage of the services offered”. Distance Learning MBA participant,  Rohhan Bhosale, provides an overview of the career support he has received during his MBA. 

Recently, I came across a great French quote: “Ne vous inquiétez pas, la vie est ce qui se passe pendant que vous faites d’autres projets”, which roughly translates to “Don’t worry, life is what happens while you make other plans”. This couldn’t be more accurate for many, including me, during these past months. While thankfully healthy, I have been living with my family members under covid-19 lockdown conditions in India for the past five months. It’s the European International University MBA which has been one of the things that has helped me to stay balanced and given me purpose during months of home schooling, work and limited opportunities to leave the house. Because, after all, just because you shouldn’t worry, it doesn’t mean you should not be prepared and set yourself up in the best possible way to approach the new (post) Covid-19 reality.

One way in which the EIU MBA stood out for me when comparing it against other programmes, was the attention paid to students’ career support, which has not let me down. I absolutely recommend new students to contact the Careers team early on to take full advantage of the services offered. They are genuinely happy to advise students and are great at doing this online. These were the services they helped me with:


Running your own company comes with many challenges with a lot to look after from speaking to clients, managing employees & accounts and running the show. To get a more competitive edge in my business career I enrolled for the executive programme of MBA in Entrepreneurship to get more understanding & gain skills needed to be more efficient in operating & managing a business along with better decision making

However, as I later also took a career break, there were times when I wondered what the long-term impact on my career would be. The coaching sessions that I had helped reframe some of my thoughts on non-linear career growth and heightened my confidence in the transferable strengths and skills I have gained along the way.

Practicality and advice

There is a dedicated ‘careers’ area on the online MBA platform filled with a variety of useful resources. I am following the Career Management module which takes you through all aspects of your career, from identifying your personal values to salary negotiations. Webinars organised by the EIU Careers team are a useful way to get the latest advice on various topics.

Broadening the Horizon

The webinars cover a variety of current themes and complement the learning from the different study modules. I attended several sessions on various topics from quite learned and experienced speakers

However, I’m really glad I took up the MBA at this point in my career as it has given me a much better understanding of the interdependence of different business functions and how to better communicate with stakeholders and management by framing proposals to fit overall business priorities.

This is why my main advice to prospective students would be to not wait for the perfect moment to start the Distance Learning MBA. The programme requires commitment and can be demanding, but it also offers enough flexibility to make it work for the career-study-life balance you aim for.

As for my own plans post-MBA? I must say that the job market globally is grim as per covid and getting a perfect job is now more challenging than just six months ago. However, I do feel well prepared with excitement to get back to my business operations with more passion ever than before. Even if things work out differently than planned, I know I am prepared and confident in my future. “Ne vous inquiétez pas, la vie est ce qui se passe pendant que vous faites d’autres projets”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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