From Public School Teacher to Private School Leader: William’s Journey in Vietnamese Education

William Lynch, a graduate of Reed College with a 2015 degree in developmental economics, exemplifies the power of combining passion with purpose. Leaving the familiar shores of the US, he embraced the dynamism of the developing world, eventually settling in Vietnam as a school teacher. Fueled by a desire to make a positive impact but through education, William spent his twenties teaching English in public schools and continued the same path.

However, William’s ambitions extended beyond the classroom. Recognizing the value of formal qualifications in the international education landscape, he sought to elevate his teaching methods to an international standard. This is where EIU-Paris stepped in. Through their online Bachelors program in education, William spent two enriching years engaged with some of the world’s leading early childhood education (ECE) experts. This dedication culminated in a second Bachelor’s degree, perfectly complementing his experience with a focus on the crucial foundation years of a child’s education.

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With EIU’s Bachelors programme, I was able to bring my teaching methods up to an international standard.

William Lynch

William’s dedication has paid off. He now thrives in one of Vietnam’s most prestigious private schools, his skills and qualifications appreciated by both students and faculty. But William’s journey doesn’t end here. He sets his sights even higher, aiming for a Master’s degree and ultimately, the esteemed position of Principal.

William’s story is an inspiration for anyone passionate about education and making a difference in the lives of young learners. It highlights the transformative power of continuous learning and the value of internationally recognized qualifications in a globalized world. With his unwavering commitment and newfound expertise, William is well on his way to leading the educational charge in Vietnam’s private school sector

Here’s why a degree in Education by EIU-Paris could be a good fit for expats who want to teach English abroad and turn their passion into a career:

  • Strong Foundation in Education: A degree in education equips you with the core principles of teaching and learning, applicable anywhere you teach. You’ll gain knowledge of curriculum development, classroom management, and instructional methods, making you a more effective educator.
  • Specialization/ Project: After the completion of 12 modules, students will have to write a 3,000-word capstone project paper, where they will have to choose a research topic based on the education field. This project will allow students to demonstrate their knowledge of both theories and the understanding of practical applications in the education world .
  • Increased Job Prospects: Having a dedicated qualification alongside your education degree can significantly boost your resume. Many schools and programs prefer or require educators to have a Bachelor in Education degree, making you a more competitive candidate.
  • Global Recognition: EIU-Paris offers internationally recognized degrees. This can be advantageous if you plan to teach in various countries, as your qualification is more likely to be acknowledged by potential employers.
  • Flexibility: EIU-Paris’s programs are often designed for online or part-time study, allowing you to fit your education around your existing commitments. This flexibility is ideal for expats who might already be living abroad and working.

Overall, a degree in Education with a specialization from EIU-Paris can provide expats with a strong foundation, specialized skills, and a recognized qualification to launch a successful career teaching English abroad.

William’s journey is inspiring for education enthusiasts, showcasing the transformative impact of ongoing learning and globally recognized qualifications.

Prof. Dr. Joel Farnworth Dean of Business Studies EIU-Paris

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